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what to include in a prospecting check list for immediate yes

Prospecting for Immediate Yes

Often a time, what keeps network marketers from the big residual income is lack of knowledge on how to get it. MLM business is not for those who simply have extra hours to do something extra; but for those that know exactly what to do in those hours. Having more time to prospect will not get you any far without this prospecting check list for immediate yes. You’ve wasted enough time already. It’s time to apply only what works. How do I know that this works? I have seen the results it has given. Organisations have been built on this. The check list is GREET, QUALIFY, INVITE, and FOLLOW UP/THROUGH.


Greeting comes first because it helps you build two important things i.e. rapport, and trust and credibility. This step must be delayed until you’ve built these two things. You must do this with confidence. For he that is confident runs the other. If you miss rapport, they won’t reveal much; let alone want to do business with you. Moreover, people buy from those they know, trust, and like. As you build rapport, for instance, as you talk about yourself, you shouldn’t sound unnatural. Also, unless you show that you trustworthy and credible, they will be skeptical all throughout the conversation. Nothing you say will matter. One of the best ways to achieve all these is by telling you story. By this time, you should have told them who you are; and what you do. You should have told them the obvious to avoid the obvious questions. If you can build at this step massively and rapidly, you are worth a fortune.


The purpose for which you built rapport, trust, and credibility, was that they could open up to give you information about themselves. You need to know about them so that you can identify where it is hurting in their lives. Without you getting to know their problems, whatever you do or say will be pointless. How would you know that it is the money that is causing strife in their home? Or that they are worried o their deteriorating health. Ask questions to get them to speak to you. You must deduce their problems. The more the more the problems of theirs that you stack up, the higher the possibility that they will part with their money. Your job is to help them see the magnitude of their problem. After they calculate the solution cost, they will be glad you came their way.


Next, you can now invite them to look at the solution to their problem(s). If you messed up with any of the above steps i.e. you don’t know their problem(s), you will get excuses such as “I’m not interested,” “I don’t have that kind of money,” etc. Getting to this place in this process means there’s much gain on your side. No one buys anything except it is a solution to a problem they have. Therefore, this step avails the chance for you to present your business or product. You could use “If I…., would you be willing to have a look at….” As a rule, we let the materials (videos, brochures, audios, pdfs, or whatever is availed by your company) do the talking. Important to note is that you must set an appointment for your next meeting before you part ways.

Follow Up/Through

If you didn’t set an appointment for your next meeting, starting follow up may turn out a bother to your mlm prospect. The purpose of follow up is to recontact your prospect and move them towards the solution they already need. Several closing techniques can be applied at this point. However, whatever technique it is, it must involve urgency. Not doing this ensures you get a “I will think about it” guarantee. You should give them reason to take action right away. Without this, they will join you when they are ready – which is never. Missing this means you don’t get to get to sign them up now.

Lastly, follow through comes into play when your prospect indicates readiness to act i.e. join or enroll into your business. Follow through includes delivering what they need in the joining process. Thereafter, you may provide the MLM training they need for quick duplication in your organization.

In summary, it’s all about your prospect. Everything that you do is to help him/her. We seek the growth of those we are selling o our business ideas. For example, we follow up so as to help someone realize their goals. Your success in network marketing is directly linked to what you are doing for a positive impact in this world. You are the person doing something for your country; and not just waiting to be fed by it. If you are not part of network marketing, I challenge you to join. And if you already are a member, choose to impact more lives. Show the world this better way.

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