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principles of duplication

Principles Of Duplication

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Duplication is the act of doing the same thing more than once, or having more than one person or thing do the same task as well as originally done. It”s what life is really about. We all want to reproduce; or to recreate. We want blueprints. I know duplication is at the heart of us all regardless of the profession we are in. It’s why I decided to put down some of the notes I have on the principles of duplication.

You could be wondering on what grounds I know that these principles of duplication really work. Most of these are based on the wisdom I have. Also, from the experiences of others compiled in books. If success is important to any leader, and they are after it, they will do what duplicates; and not what works.


Among the principles of duplication that I am jotting down today, teaching comes first. Teaching is the ability to pass on things pertaining to our cultures and way of living. It is with the aim of the continuity of something. And above all, exploration for improvement on what is already there. For this article, I will use examples related to network marketing. This is so because it’s one industry that has been preserved to this day because of duplication.

In network marketing, new distributors must be taught not only the things pertaining to their business, but also to self-development. This is one of the most important tasks of any upline. Unless this teaching is done, the new recruit will most likely declare a few months down the road that in mlm did he/she have his/her worst days. If you want to duplicate your success, you must teach. You have to pass on that which you have to others.

Simplicity and Clarity

We are all different people. From different backgrounds do we hail. Therefore, we have different ways and levels of perception of what is being fed unto us. However, regardless of our differences, with proper communication, we can understand even the most complex undertakings. In network marketing, we must always be able to break down the principles of success. For example, new distributors may not understand how matrices work. Why don’t you just tell them right up front that it’s not important for them to learn all about the matrices, but that as they work their way up, they will get all the facts on how they work.

Another example concerns the products. Why does a distributor who last did science related subjects 20 years ago have to attempt to explain all the benefits of certain vitamins? Why not simply tell all your distributors to always try the products for themselves? And simply share product testimonials when it comes to talking about the products. There are many more examples we could use. But I hope you see that in simplicity lies duplication

System Tools Accessibility

Related to teaching, a leader must have easy means of passing on what he has to his distributors. Third party tools are highly recommended. I personally haven’t yet written any books. But I know some of the books that could help others master network marketing. Or that could help those with low self-esteem – not believing in themselves, live their lives in vibrant enthusiasm and confidence.

You must have a system. You must have tools. And they must be accessible. Personally, what I decided some time ago is to make it compulsory that all those that join my team must make download a specific file. In it I put all the materials I considered important for their first year in network marketing. And on a monthly basis, I would go over with my new distributors their previous month’s activity as related to the tools.

Being the Leader

It’s quite important that you consider this the most important of the principles of duplication. All the rest could be talked of aspects of a leader. I’ve decided to talk of being a leader because all the rest of the principles could be done yet without one being a leader.

To be a leader means to stand up. It’s deciding to be responsible. If others won’t do it, then you will do it. For example, if you company won’t recognize the effort of some of your downlines, you decide that you shall recognize it. If you uplines have no system that really duplicates, you invent one. Unless you become a leader, you may never see the over all success you are after in this industry.

The fundamentals of network marketing haven’t changed in the last 50+ years. Being a leader is one of them. Spend less time impressing people. Instead spend more time leading them. As a leader you will have to be there for your downlines when they need you. You become a mentor. You are a father figure. It’s not that you do for them what they should be doing for themselves, but that you are there to support them.

Action Oriented

This is just after I’ve talked about leadership so that you can relate with it much better. Duplication works hand in hand with action. For sure, if we never did, nothing would ever get done, or be done. Don’t just talk at talking with those on your team. Inspire them to action. Be there and encourage them to make the call. See to it that the things you’ve taught are done.

Some may call it poking into others’ businesses. But insist on productivity in your team. Be relentless about excellence in your team. Let them get to action.

Persistence and Consistence

If I didn’t talk about these, then this wouldn’t qualify as an article on the principles of duplication. I am doing my best to combine all I have in just a few words so that you get what I have for you. Duplication will always necessitate persistence and consistence.

Let’s say for example you had to create a system for your team to use. It could take up to more than 2 years for you to see the results of duplication of that system. It must be emphasized to new distributors that must follow the system for at least more than a year. During that time, they must put on blinders. Except something is left to work, it will not work.


Lastly, let’s talk on listening. I have a blog post on it that you can find HERE. This applies to us all as we start out in a new system. We have to listen carefully to what is taught by the uplines. And then go ahead to implement exactly that. Show me an unsuccessful network marketer, and I will show someone who doesn’t listen. These are the people that go on reinventing the wheel. The wheel is best as it is.

Bonne Chance!

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