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Part-Time or Full-Time?

Which is better?

Whenever I think of part time, the name Jim Rohn bounces back into my mind. He kept his old job for as long as he could. He loved to share of how his part time opportunity was giving him much more income than his job did in a year. He was working on his fortune part time. This had a way to would wake up his prospects to take a look at the business presentation.

Before we discuss on the part time and full-time options, it’s important to note that all these mean that one has fully committed to their business. Being a part timer does not mean that one is not all into the business; but that due to other factors, they cannot work this business full time. Those who start out in mlm often have other running commitments that they must see to the end. A lawyer may not just cancel all his appointments. A political leader may need immediately step down. All they need to do is to fully commit unto the business i.e. either part time or full time. They shall see the success.

Part Time

Building a network marketing organization part time simply means that you are holding down a full-time job at the same time. It is quite obvious what this will cost. Part timers will have to deal with several negative reactions from their bosses, spouses, friends and relatives. They have to maintain an equilibrium in their starting days. There will have to be more invested daily away from their loved ones. For one to really succeed at all as a part timer, they must sacrifice all pleasure till when they are earning enough to quit all other engagements.

Many start our business on part time basis. They should be prepared in advance that this will most likely be a tougher path. Those building part time must go an extra mile to make it work. And when it’s not working out, they shouldn’t give up. As they make small sacrifices at the start, it is vital that they keep consistent. If one is to talk to 10-20 prospects per day, they should be consistent in that. Important to note is that part timers will attract part timers. However, if one can develop excellent habits as a part timer, so may many of his/her frontline recruits that are part timers.

Full Time

Very few often opt to start immediately full time with network marketing companies. Much as these may make it faster due to focus on one thing, they shall also be faced with obstacles along the way. There must be loss of pride on their part as they are starting at the bottom and have to prove themselves through productivity. This is scary to most prospects. They have to put away titles, company cars, fancy offices, etc. that proved that they were somebody in their previous life.

Those who go full time must also know that it may take some time before they may replace their previous incomes. Basically, anyone going full time will need extensive team support. They need upline support. They must be trained and taught before they crawl back to the corporate world. Training them helps give them a structure to follow in this new venture.

In conclusion, what is best depends on you. Of course, no one is really a part time millionaire. Those who are working part time should be looking forward to going full time. We all want to be full time in a venture that offers us personal and financial freedom.

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