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Outstanding Truths On Network Marketing

Must Know For Mlmers

Began in the 1940’s

The network marketing industry began in the 1940’s when a company known as Nutrilite Products, Inc, launched the sale of food supplements. Over the past years the industry has been proven to be a product driven one i.e. selling personal care products; home and family care products; nutritional supplements; leisure and educational products, etc. Services such as credit cards, financial services, insurance, prepaid legal services, travel, self-development, and motivational programming, have also become part of mlm. Out of 10 people that you meet, two are part of this industry.

This industry is based on simple word-of-mouth recommendation of products and services. The distribution moves directly from the producer to the consumer; thus, cutting out all the intermediate agents and dealers. Because these have been laid off, the network marketer receives compensation equal to the advertising budget of most large corporations. An average person gets started with as little as less than $500; a figure which includes payment for some widely accepted products or services to be personally used and shared with others.

Why Network Marketing

The network marketing industry is the greatest opportunity of our time. However, it is a vehicle that only those who are ready for change in their lives, will benefit from. Without “why,” one doesn’t need a “how.” While some choose network marketing as a means to wealth, others simply enjoy it for it’s merits. They join to meet new people; for personal development; to help others, etc. A huge number of people join it because of the time freedom it offers. This permits them to fire their bosses; for the bosses are managers, not leaders. You want to become like your leader. A leader is one who gets to do the things they love most with the people they love most.

It is an industry where a large group of people is doing a little. These common people through determination rise to staggering levels of financial rewards and personal freedom. Unlike traditional businesses, when mlm grows, communities soar. The business gets people together. Everyone wins as the products are brought nearer to all at discounted prices. Network marketing grew so fast i.e. didn’t give the world time enough to accept it. Boring are the testimonies of huge achievers in the corporate world; yet you could sit for years listening to lives drastically changed by network marketing.

Many think that very few make it to the top in this industry. Well, even in life, only a few seem to make it. Network marketing, unlike all other fields, mlm offers anyone an opportunity to make it to the top. A doctor needs countless years of study to attain significant recognition. Just as many courses pursued in universities, only the financially capable will attain qualifications. Yet mlm accepts you as you are. Even 75-year olds started in this industry at that late age and changed destinies of, their families.

40-Year Plan vs 4-Year Plan

The high attrition rate in our industry is because many quit before they start. In mlm, one has to either persevere or to perish. Mlm is trading the 40-year plan for a 4-year plan. This is not a permit for one to join us with the cocaine mentality. These only think of immediate gratification; which when they don’t see, they think the cocaine sold to them was fake. The reason as to why many fail in the tough months is because they were not trained on the pitfalls in our industry. If one can see the adversaries well in advance, then they cannot be caught unware. When one is equipped with the necessary skills and tools for battle, they thrive.

“When traditional business grows, an entire population can be reduced to rats. I moved to Seattle several years ago because of the quality of life. Today as corporations expand, the entire city has been forced into a mindless trek for several hours each day. The average speed on major highways has been reduced to 21mph. Crime and other societal problems are rising dramatically. No one can yet predict the negative ecological impact of the several-thousand-person influx, but environmentalists are clearly worried. The point is this when mlm corporations experience explosive growth, thousands of people go home and soar like eagles. When traditional corporations explode, people from all over the world assume the posture of rats and take to the streets. Thank God network marketing has given me the freedom to run errands during the times when others are confined to their little cubicles; but it will just be a matter of time before I have to look elsewhere for tranquility.” – Betty Carter – former Senior VP of the Pacific Stock Exchange.


Lastly, it’s important for those who haven’t yet joined us to know that network marketing is a legal business. It is monitored by the Federal Trade Commission – FTC. The Direct Selling Association is one of the spokesmen of this industry. Some of the mlm companies have been traded publicly on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. In other words, they’ve established standardized accounting procedures; and are open to scrutiny and control of bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC. There are currently more than 40 million independent network marketers distributing products and services worth billions of dollars.

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