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Is Network Marketing Opportunity Bigger & Better Today? Or Worse?

The Future of Network Marketing

This is a topic I have wanted to share my thoughts on for quite a long time. First of all, what is network marketing? And why have people joined network marketing in the past. If you got started today, what are your chances of enjoying this as a much bigger opportunity? Is it the industry saturated already? I want us to briefly look at if the network marketing opportunity is bigger and better today; or worse. Let’s dive right into this.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is simple word-of-mouth recommendation of products and services. Distribution moves directly from the producer to the consumer, which cuts out all the intermediate agents and dealers who have nothing to do with production or consumption. As goods are distributed, the network marketer then receives compensation equal to the advertising budget of most large corporations.

I want to have the freedom to do what I need and want in life without the restriction of mandatory hours and set pay for what I do. I need the flexibility to spend time with my loved ones.

Currently, I am a distributor in multi-level marketing. I personally joined because of the possibility of attaining leverage in this business. I saw in it a way I could earn off others efforts. This is so vital for anyone that wants to do the things they love most with the people they care about most; and to do those things when, how, and where they choose to. I got the leverage in six weeks. I was already earning off the efforts of more than 30 people!

My company allows me to work fulltime from home AND be there for my family; to have total control over my income in the present and my full earning potential in the company, raising my family out of debt.

Reasons Why MLM hit in the 80’s

Others do join this industry because of the opportunity to supplement their income, balance work with family and purchase quality goods at a discount for their personal enjoyment. More than 50% of the people in the American work force feel underpaid. Moreover, with the current trends, this seems to be worldwide. Everyone wants more out of this life.

Be part of something bigger than myself, give to causes that matter to me, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Most of the people who work jobs do so because of the financial stability that the job provides.  George Town University made a study of the most important thing that a job provides to someone; and 93% responded, “My job provides me with financial security.” In late 2017 a study was performed by Mckinsey Global Institute that concluded that 800 million jobs will be replaced by robotic automation by 2030. Are jobs safe anymore?

Common reasons

Let me make a recap of some of the reasons why people joined this business in the 20th century. Mlm provides a tremendous opportunity for even an average person. This is regardless of one’s background. Here are some of the reasons why in the 80’s people stormed network marketing:

  • Great Products
  • No boss (i.e. you get to own a business)
  • Unlimited income
  • Time freedom
  • Residual Income
  • Fun
  • Personal growth
  • No commute (besides who loves to commute; even school kids don’t)
  • To build a legacy
  • No educational requirement
  • International
  • To help others (e.g. contribution to worthy causes i.e. something positive)
  • Economy proof
  • Low start-up costs yet with possible high returns

There are still many other reasons as to why many chose this path. And they spread the gospel of this business. It’s why we know of it today. Let me ask something. Do you think there aren’t many more people who have similar reasons to join mlm now? Isn’t the number of people searching the listed reasons (above) much greater than there were in the 80’s? If you started now, can’t you build an organization much bigger than the mlm legends did in the 20th century? Do you see this?

Issue of Saturation

Concerning saturation in this business, for I know it could be a worry for some of you, here is something to think of. Is the world only comprised of Christians? Is Christianity saturated yet? Have churches stopped recruiting yet? i.e. stopped getting new believers yet? Point is: there is nothing ever so saturated in any place. Opportunity always lies in this world. In every local area is a massive well of gold for you to dig from wealth. Mlm is not yet saturated! We are only a handful!

What are Your Chances?

Yet technology advancements today are playing in our advantage. The need for a better life is greater today than before. The thinking that it would have been better yesterday than today is of ignorant people. Today is the best day always. Living and wishing that the past comes back is completely unreasonable. Such people need serious help! The past is always only a shadow of the potential of an industry such as network marketing.

Those starting today in network marketing have a great possibility of enormous success. If you’ve read this argument up to this point, there’s no doubt about the statement I just made. The network marketing opportunity is bigger today. It’s better! The recognitions made in the past cannot be compared to that which will be made of this industry in our days.

If you are still skeptical on whether mlm is only becoming a much needed solution today, here are some statistics that you can check out. Today is the best day for anyone to get started with their own home-based business. You can make much more money in this industry than what the mlm legends made in the late 20th century!

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