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Must Avoid Exaggerations in MLM

According to the Webster dictionary, an exaggeration is a description of something as larger or greater than what is true. A number of the short comings faced in network marketing are due to false expectations. Because we have a reputation so making millionaires, some even think that they have failed when they make only a few bucks. What of the personal development or circle of friends that come with the business? Or even that extra money? Some have an expectation of immediate wealth. Others will think they won’t have to work anymore. Here are some of these common must avoid exaggerations  in mlm that should all know.

No Effort Required

There are companies that stress that with them, there is no effort required apart from recruiting two people; and dragging these two till they get their own two. What unrealistic claims these are! We are in a work industry. Incomes in mlm are a direct result of the real volumes of products purchased by different individuals in a team. How then can one make money by exerting minimum effort? You’ve got to go get the success you want. In the corporate world, checks may come in even with nothing done. In mlm, only those who fish get to eat.

Numbers Required to Succeed

Related to the misguided belief that mlm requires no effort is the deception on the numbers required to succeed. A waitress will talk to hundreds of people before she can walk away with a check at the end of a month. Should we be any different? When we ask we ask new associates to recruit only 2 or 3, they will only do that and sit back. When they don’t make it, they will sue us; and speak of how we are liars. The truth is that network marketing thrives in many people doing a little. We need the numbers.

Time Required to Succeed

If a civil engineer needs several years to become certified in his field, shouldn’t network marketers give themselves more time to acquire equivalent recognition. Is doing 10 years in network marketing wrong? Absolutely not! No one should quit yet. Mlm winners tend to be those who’ve survived long after others fell off the path. On joining this industry, distributors should take it as a profession and commit to building with their companies for not less than 4 years. Those working part time may take longer to attain extra-ordinary results. All in all, consistency will be key whether they are full timers or part timers.

Upline Will Do it All

When I joined one of the mlm companies that I worked with, the leaders would tell new distributors that all the hard work they had to do was to bring their prospects to their meetings. This completely contradicts what mlm is. We are about friend telling friends. Each person must be involved. Do you need to know all about a movie to recommend it to a friend? So it is with network marketing. If you can recommend a movie, then you can build massive wealth in network marketing. How weird it would be if you moved with a movie expert to explain to your friend about the movie. Your friend would surely smell a rat. You are enough for your business.

No Product Sales Are Necessary

Network marketing is word of mouth distribution of products and services directly from the producer to consumer. All distributors are compensated on multiple levels based on the sales in their teams. If product sales are not required in your company, it’s time to run for dear life. And don’t forget to signal the Federal Trade Commission.

Success Through Retail Sales

Much as product sales are important, success in mlm cannot be achieved solely from retailing products. In our industry, we give it to the others. We don’t do it all by ourselves. We build organizations.

Early Retirement

If one has attended a direct sales presentation before, they must have been talked to about how they can retire early in our industry. To retire is to withdraw oneself indicating the end of career. However, we rarely see this in our industry. How demoralizing it would be to learn that your mentor has retired! What we mean by early retirement in mlm is that after a certain period, we can have an unlimited personal and financial freedom that we no longer have to spend most of our time prospecting and recruiting to make wealth. If we were to really retire in mlm, then would all our downlines. We are in the business of duplication. It wouldn’t take long for everyone to completely retire.

In summary, there are a number of things on which we’ve all exaggerated on before in our industry. It is not right to do so for we are in already too good to be true business. It already sounds foolish for an average blue-collar worker to make millions of dollars from product sales. Let’s choose to be realistic to our new recruits!

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