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MLM Business

The Do's And Don'ts

When one is getting started, he/she has already pictured him/herself owning mansions in a few weeks. In the mlm business, they expect to make a fortune in the shortest period of time

Because it is a people business, some presume that others will recruit, train, and sponsor for them their new people. They will join those uplines who promise them huge company commissions in a couple of months. Yet putting such a structure up could take up to a year.

Instead of having the huge commissions after a few months, these misled prospects will be quitting this wonderful industry.

The concept of early retirement in our industry is hugely misunderstood. Many hope that after recruiting some two people; all they need to do is now manage these two. This is the thinking of many thereby making them put insignificant effort and time in their business.

Yes, we have what you would love to call retirement. The only problem with mlm is that it’s too good for one to retire from it. Most mlmers are already retired. Yet they are still working. Doing mlm is as living life.

What picture do you have of mlm business? What picture did your upline give you about mlm? You know you didn’t sign up for lottery.

For example, who becomes a millionaire without doing sales? Whatever he/she is selling… Can recruiting only two people for your binary plan make you the millionaire? Most likely no.

By the way, I almost forgot. Can you be in business if you haven’t invested a single coin? I ask this coz some people love mlm and want to gain from it yet they don’t want to buy the starter package.

How can one make it in a business that they don’t take seriously? You want to make it here? Know the rules of the game.

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