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Young business people forming Managers word over white
Young business people forming Managers word over white

Managers in Network Marketing

Now that they are making some money, they need an office with a secretary. They will call everyone in their team to boss them around i.e. checking on them. Mangers in Network Marketing will make you feel as though you just got a second job!

They wanna know who’s working. And who’s not.

I guess we’ve all at some point found ourselves chasing down people instead of our dreams.

They successful mlmers are the new supervisors on the block. They devote the rest of their lives on attempting to make their few recruits successful.

This kind of managers will want to drag everyone that comes their way to the finishing line. They are just power hungry. Why don’t they just go back to the corporate world?

Furthermore, they want to buy in for their family members and build for them. They will ask their prospects for lists and they will claim that they can do all the rest of the work for their prospects.

They wanna save the whole world.

They wanna do for others what they should be doing for themselves. They are offended when new recruits go to work without calling to consult them every now and then.

You must be thinking real hard now. Have you been a manager before? In mlm? Well the network marketing industry is not something to manage. Rather, it is more of team work.

If everyone in mlm busied themselves with managing others, who would then do the recruiting?

Only those who cultivate self-sufficiency in mlm get to win in our industry. Instead of supervising or managing your recruits, focus on team building.

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Dana Collins
Dana Collins