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Lessons You Don’t Give School Credit For

Schools are institutions at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. For this post, we’ll focus on college and university education system. Much as entrepreneurs often ill-talk the education systems, I feel there is a lot that these systems are not given credit for. Just like human beings, education systems aren’t perfect. In this piece, let’s look together at some of the things that we learned in school. If only we can apply the lessons learned then, nothing will stop us from living the lives we dreamed of.

Believe in Yourself

Firstly, the struggle to gain an education is one of the most difficult chapters in the personal experiences of the majority of people. Many of us endured the hardships during school because of a particular purpose we had. Nothing could thwart us as we had made up our minds to make it. Most of the help came from our own hands, and the will to succeed. We believed that if that year’s new graduates had made it, we surely would make it soon. In school, and so in life too, is everyone presented with an equal opportunity to make it. It didn’t matter where a student came from. In school, one has limitless possibilities.

Give it All

What did it take for us to advance from one rank to another? In schools, this is from one class to another. We had to prove that we had learned something from the level we sought to advance from. Some of the classes were compulsory. There were coaches that we listened to. We took breaks and holidays. At some parts of the year, school air was intense. Such were the days we wrote tests and exams. I have a friend who would deactivate her social media accounts during the exam periods. In life, just as it was in school, are moments where we have to give it all so as to move nearer to our dreams. Do you recognize this fact in your network marketing business?

Time Price

What happened to those who didn’t give their all? What happened to those who didn’t sacrifice any nights? They lost a year. How sad! This happened to me. I remember thinking it wasn’t true. I admit I had seen it coming. However, I believed I was too big to fail. Breaking the news to my loved ones on my failure to make that promotion was a devastating experience. Those days were unbearable. On top of all that I was going through, I had to watch my friends go on to the dream class we had together anticipated to be in.

My effort and time that year were literally thrown out of the window. It’s like everything I had done was rubbish. It didn’t matter. At least that’s the way I felt. I started the year all over with people who previously looked up to me. As for some of them, I knew they no longer looked at me that way. I swallowed my pride to sit in a class with people that are younger than me. I wonder how a lost year can be regained. Yet even after school many are re-siting years!

Now or Perhaps Never

If you don’t work hard in your business today, you’ll surely have to start over again next year. You’ll be a senior seated in a room with juniors. How frustrating! The plans you had such as throwing that event, building your dream home, going on that vacation, buying that new ride, etc. will all have to wait. How painful! That’s the cost of not grinding when you should. If you feel lazy to work on your dreams today, think of what it costs to re-do a school year. If losing a year is fine with you, then keep up with the procrastinating. Remember, you have the chance to be the best. Anyone who works hard in school (and in life) can be number one.

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