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Keeping Enthusiasm in Network Marketing

Always Stay Positive!

It’s extremely difficult to get people to change career if you cannot show them your enthusiasm and joy. These are two contagious qualities. As one calls their prospects, excitement is a key tool. The trigger happens when prospects realize how exciting our lives are yet theirs are boring and routine, Because of this, the ability of mlmers to keep enthusiastic cannot be underestimated. It should be emphasized in training meetings. In these meetings, new distributors should be informed of the arrows that are aimed at their enthusiasm. In this article are some of them.


Rejection will occur to almost every network marketer; striking at the least expected times. It can be from a spouse, family, relatives, or even friends. They may decline to come to your home meetings; or lie to us by not showing up yet they promised to. Some may look down on you because of your sex. Some will strongly object talk about mlm. Whichever form the rejection takes on, think of it as a waitress serving coffee in a coffee shop. A “no” simply means the timing is not right. It doesn’t mean “I don’t like you.” Depression can occur when one decides to dwell on those that have rejected the opportunity. No one should waste time trying to boost up people who aren’t interested in this business. Rather than try to convince one person to take coffee, look for those who are already hungry for the coffee.

In network marketing, if you aren’t having fun, you are doing it the wrong way. – Mark Yarnell

Momentum Loss

One thing about mlm is that momentum must never be lost. Regardless of the circumstances, the sparkle must be kept. It’s much worse when an upline figure loses momentum. They could even simply be depressed. At times the leaders we’ve looked up to may even change companies. This can poison a whole downline. And the gossip that ensues because of this can kill entire downlines. Many will question the business. For this scenario, one must remember that regardless of what happens, we never quit. Failure cannot handle persistence. We simply believe and keep going even when those we looked up to have given up. When everyone gives up, that’s the time to go to work. The secret to survival is to simply never give up.

Negativity of Others Towards the Industry

There will surely be obstacles on any path. Some will call our billion-dollar industry a ladies’ party thing. Some will insist that we are in a scam. Those in their first year in network marketing may prefer to respond to these negative claims by keeping quiet and not acknowledging to be part of mlm. They may claim that it’s their spouses’ business. What a mistake! For this clearly shows lack of commitment to the business before one’s warm market. Only fools would join your so-called spouse.

We must insist on owning this business in pride. We can avoid the dream stealers. And spend more time with those who support us in our pursuit of success in this industry. Those around you should know clearly that you expect either positive comments or no comments at all. You have to create a positive environment around yourself. This is compromised of well defined goals committed to writing; constant use of affirmations; and putting more energy into thinking on the future you want. If you are to dwell on anything of the past, let it be those things that conjure up happy memories.


Many are sick today because of the garbage they let in. The news media is a business. And only bad news sells. Dwelling on the bad holds one back. If an imagination helps you get old painful thoughts back, then you are back to the old painful state you were in before. To make it in mlm, the place of news should be taken by something so full of life. You could watch winners. We all need materials that gets us to set bigger goals and increase our desire to achieve them.

Keeping enthusiasm consists on constantly focusing on the dream you have. You no longer have limits as the doctors do. You get paid on thousands of thousands of distributors. The personal and financial freedom that even heads of states yearn for is yours. Instead of the 40-year plan, you are working a 4-year plan. Focus on winners; and only on winning!

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