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I hate selling and talking to people

Do you also hate it?

Well, what of you? Who wants to choose a life of moving door to door with products? Who wants to be a salesman? …. Me Neither!

Truthfully speaking, very few are born with the desire to be salesmen. We all just want to have some cubicle called an office. We want a desk, computer, and a comfortable chair.

As a network marketer, how can you get people who have dreams of “very important jobs” to the world of commissions based on sales?

Even if you your prospect doesn’t bring up this objection in your conversation, you have to discuss this. Almost everyone that is new to the business world will have the fear of selling things. Your tackling this issue shows your genuine concern to your prospect concerning his/her success.

They need to know that we all sell ourselves everyday everywhere. Why not do it this time while making more than $200,000 per month? When one applies for a job, they are selling. They sell their skills and capabilities. They have to go out and sell so as to get breakthrough opportunities.

Who is married yet didn’t have to sell him/herself to his/her partner? Even the unmarried ones have to sell themselves to their friends. If you have any friend, then you can sell. You can use that gift to make a fortune for yourself.

The thing about network marketing is that it capitalizes on one using their naturally endowed gifts to make them a fortune. We are past making a living. It’s why this industry spreads like a fire igniting excitement in the lives of many.

Network marketing offers you an opportunity to make money while just being yourself. So, don’t fear the aspect of selling or talking to people. It’s what you do every day. Only that this time round you shall do it intentionally knowing that you are making a fortune with that gift.

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