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I Don’t Have Time

Excuses in MLM

Have you pitched before to some doctors, and/or engineers, and/or lawyers etc. …. just anyone that probably has a small cubicle and a desk to dwell 9-5. Executives will always with ease declare that they don’t have time.

Their mouths just can’t help it. This is their defense statement.

However, we can’t blame them. They are indeed trapped in the 9-5. Coz of that they got no family time. When not asleep, they are commuting to and from work.

They cannot get to do the things that matter most to them with the people they care about. They really don’t have time.

How many hours did Michael Jordan need to get up to six NBA finals MVP award? How much time have the athletes that live the dream invested to get to the places they are at now. They had to make time for what would liberate them in the future.

When it comes to some of us, if it takes a boring biology class, then we are doing biology. If we gotta go through Calculus to make our families get to the places they haven’t walked before, then we are taking Calculus.

If you claim you have no time, you are simply not focused. Sounds offensive, but come to fully ponder on this. Why wouldn’t you have time for you? For what you need? For your dreams? You have the time you need to build an mlm organization as a means to an end of your goals and dreams.

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