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I am afraid

I’m afraid to be the best I can be. I am afraid of being my true self. I fear that me that I don’t know yet. I prefer to be lazy. Getting out of bed late is my thing. Not because I can’t get out early, but because I want to waste away my best hours. I know deep down inside that I have a lot of time. However, I am constantly pushing away both people and the things that matter to me on account of being so busy. I don’t know why I hate me. My own worst enemy. I just don’t want the best for me. I don’t deserve it. Am not that good enough for the life I want to live.


To be afraid is to be filled with fear, or to have a dislike for something. Why don’t we give our best? And live our dreams? We limit ourselves. We attempt to speak courage into others yet we are in dire need of it ourselves. No wonder it’s been said that we need motivation just as much as we need bathing. It’s a daily need. We must know that we are enough. We don’t have to punish ourselves for our past by denying ourselves the best things in life. If you are lazy, you are simply afraid!


In the network marketing industry, we know the income generating activities that we need to know in order to attain our dreams. Some of them are inviting, prospecting, recruiting, follow up, training others, etc. The reason we procrastinate any of these is simply because we are afraid of our success. We are certain that if we do these things, we shall make it. Why do people give up? It is because they are afraid of living in the reality of that thing that they were pursuing.


We should forgive ourselves. Unless we do so, we’ll always limit ourselves. It’s vital that we let go of certain things. Feel them lift off you so that you can fly. It’s time for those burdens to get off your shoulders so you can experience speed. Breathe it all out. You deserve the best. Whatever happened before shouldn’t stop you. You deserve happiness. It’s really your time. Throw fear out of your life. Take a daily dose of personal development. Run Towards Your Wildest Dreams Today!

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