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How To Recruit Everyone on Your Warm List

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A warm list is a list of individuals from your past whom you know so well that you could pick up the phone to call them, and they would instantly recognize you on hearing your name. For anyone in business, a warm list is an important asset. It is a great start up place because one gets to speak with the people they know; that they would love to have a life business with; and that no one else can approach as they can. In addition, talking to your warm list prepares you for the cold market prospecting. The larger one’s warm list, the more solid one’s business will be. A warm list of 2000 people is a good start.

The warm list comprises of just anyone you know. There should be no qualifications attached on those to be on your warm list. Your primary responsibility as a network marketer is to teach as many people as possible that there’s a better way to live and to earn a residual income. We are first and foremost educators; not sales people or recruiters. We educate all people by getting them to view a business presentation. We teach them a new way to buy and sell products. Everyone needs to know about the exciting way that we live. To get the attention of your warm list, use high income figures as you speak to them. As you prospect, focus on big money, free time, and lifetime business partnership.

Lack of Conviction

On creating a warm list, lack of conviction can stop you from getting the best out of it. Success in our industry stems more from attitude than from ability. Without enthusiasm, we cannot recruit the world. Effective prospecting will require one to have belief in this system. Anything that stands in your way is trying to stop you from offering a quality lifestyle to your friends and family. There shouldn’t be place for “what if I am wrong” or “what if I mislead my friends.” Effective prospecting will require one to have a very positive attitude. If you’ve been holding back because you haven’t made enough money, then what’s the purpose of your team? In mlm, we rely and point to the success of those ahead of us till we personally achieve it.

Lack of Confidence

Confidence coupled with strong belief in network marketing will get one to recruit massively from their warm list. Some people hold back from calling their warm list leads because of their past or present image. Those with low self-esteem fear that they will be laughed for attempting to become an entrepreneur. Let them laugh. We know he who laughs last laughs best. Those who’ve failed before may feel that they can’t stand before their families and friends again about shampoos. Yet we know that anyone would love to join these that have mastered the industry through experience. When we begin to make more than pilots make in a year, every friend we feared to tell about the opportunity will turn against us because we loved them not enough to tell them about how to quit their routine jobs.

Fear to Lose Credibility

In addition, some fear to lose their credibility. Most of these are often top executives in the corporate world. They don’t want prospects to know that they are involved with mlm. Some will brush it off as a business of their spouse. If there’s possible conflict of interest at their work places, in lieu of denying the business, these executives can take another approach lest they jeopardize their current careers. They should prospect through lifestyle. The business should not be discussed at work places, but in their home meetings.

Everyone on the warm list must be reached. Do not try to in anyway determine who’s qualified and who’s not; who’s approachable and who’s not; who’s interested and who’s not. Our profession is known as a hub for all. Even those who seem well off have desired certain things of our industry. Those who say no should be re-approached every six months until they either sign up or die. The only contacts to throw away are those whose funerals you’ve attended. You can also get a referral for every no by asking. If it’s a warm list, it will never run out.

It’s never too late to make a warm list. If you don’t have one, today is your day to get started. My warm list has made me millions of dollars. Before I made it, I did a lot but nothing seemed to be working. I needed to follow a system that works. Warm lists work. And they never run out!

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