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How To Make Rejection Your Ally

In Your Network Marketing Business

Rejection is widely feared by thousands because of it’s potential to destroy one’s enthusiasm and excitement: – the essential qualities for success. What makes rejection in network marketing more painful is that it often comes from those we love and respect most. Some may even spread word among the rest of your friends that you have become part of shady deals. It could be your parents, or even spouse. However, the darkest moments in life can be turned into the greatest moments; and so, we can make rejection an ally. It is an ally in such a way that it helps you move forward faster knowing where to most exert effort for high productivity. The sooner one determines the rejection, the sooner they start counting the next six months to recontact these people.

Rejection is a common occurrence. Learning that early and often will help you build up the tolerance and resistance to keep going and to keep trying. – Kevin Ferge.

New network marketers must be taught that a “no” is not a personal rebuff. Rather, prospecting is a sifting process. We are as waitresses in a restaurant looking for those who want what we have to offer. None of the negative responses send the waitresses to the lady’s room in tears because customers have rejected them. In network marketing, a decline to participate in the opportunity often means “the timing is not right for me now.” But it never means “I don’t like you.” Accepting “no” is merely part of the process of finding those who say yes. To avoid rejection, one would have to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.

I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat. – Sylvester Stallone

Secondly, make rejection your ally by talking to more than enough people. If one can increase the number of prospects that he/she interacts with daily, then they can decrease the impact of rejection. 80% of a network marketer’s time should be spent prospecting unless he/she is not serious about succeeding in this business. All other things are a wastage of time. Many new recruits tend to hide behind the desire to study mlm more; and attend meetings watching others over and over again.

They gladly want to go through the success stories of others; will invest time in the business by listening to tapes on how to make in this business; and want to do all manner of unproductive activities just to avoid the actual prospecting. Unless such a network marketer changes now, they will decide to quit in a few months with claims that it doesn’t work for them. Yet they didn’t even give mlm a try. Even though one may be afraid of rejection, he/she should go wide fast. Take the challenge to speak to more than 30 people about your business on a daily basis.

You get used to the rejection and you don’t take it personally.– Daniel Craig

Thirdly, let your opportunity appeal to everyone. This is what network marketing should be. Many make the mistake of promoting a single aspect of their company instead of stressing the leveraged income and free time that result from orders of commonly used products and services. Sell the opportunity just as it was sold unto you. Limited focus increases the chances for rejection. Legends build large and dynamic organisations by focusing their presentations on personal and financial freedom. Leave not out any divisions of your company. Who isn’t interested in ways to accumulate wealth? Related to this is the common mistake from traditional businesses of qualifying leads. Do not play God. Sell the opportunity to all. Even presidents need some extra money.

Furthermore, there are a number of things that can be opted for by those who face rejection seemingly so often. One may need the help of uplines in closing some of his/her prospects. If faced with rejection often because of gender, ladies could opt for double gender closing. Whereas the prospect may not like to work with women, they may be willing to give it a try when they see men doing it too. We are in this business for ourselves, but never by ourselves.

Also, important to note is that one should only talk about this business after they’ve committed to it i.e. bought a starter package. They should also have undergone some training. If one is facing low self-esteem because of rejection, they should do all they can so as to keep growing personally e.g. reading, studying, listening to tapes i.e. motivational tapes, attend seminars, etc. Decide today that rejection is only your ally. We refuse to fear rejection!

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