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How To Keep Your Team

In Network Marketing

Because mlm is a numbers game, we focus more on those which are hungry. However, we still need the part timers and full timers. We need those who are retailing products; those who are busy recruiting; and those who are simply consuming the products with their family and friends. Since we need them all, we should guard them jealously against anything that would scatter them. We must keep away anything that would get them to lose focus midstream. You must keep your team!

Unless a leader foresees and prepares his team concerning scatter causes, he/she will lose many potential business partners. This preparation must be included in new distributor orientation meetings. Only real leaders talk about these in time.

Lack of Structure

Because of the huge differences between corporate America and network marketing, untrained mlmers will drop off. Many that join us from the corporate world will need a detailed plan and structure to follow on joining your team. They may need daily targets to help them keep on track for example number of people to be prospected per day; number of appointments to be made per week; and number of presentations made per week. As an upline, new associates will need your help to fit into your system. If they choose to go alone in this team sport, they will surely go through a lot to break even. The best structure to give to new distributors is that which you’ve proven to work. They need it.

System Changes

A huge percentage of mlm drop outs stopped using the system they were taught; that is if they were shown one. Their quest for a new leader, new company, or just new sales system to enable them to succeed more easily and rapidly, sets them up for failure. Yielding to the temptation to change systems and tools confuses entire downlines. Leaders must demand that their partners do not deviate from a stipulated system; except after consultation with them, or else they lose their leader’s support.

Comfort Zones

Some new distributors simply want to stay in their comfort zones. In so doing, they resist what works. They attempt to reinvent the wheel. Executives joining from the corporate world will attempt this. This can distract other lesser successful members of your downline. Instead of focusing on what mlm requires i.e. relationship marketing and tenacious follow through, they will prefer to do what worked in their past. As for these, as a leader, you should help them know that to achieve their goals in mlm, they either follow your system or quit. They might as well pee on their beds just because it’s discomforting to walk all the way to the toilet.

Lure of other deals

We surely all need blinders. We must maintain a clear vision of where we are going and how to get there. Telling these things to your teammates will help you constructively criticize them when they happen to go to other opportunity meetings. Even listening about another company from a friend alienates whoever saw you from ever joining you. If you are still searching, then it’s better for them to let you finish your search and then join you. Switching companies will render anyone vulnerable due to their newness. The grass is only greener on the other side until it’s time to mow. True success comes from sticking to one company and one system.

Parasite Mentors

Change of systems midstream is at times because of either our downlines listening to successful leaders from other companies with different mlm systems; or from the parasite mentors. A parasite mentor is one who’s never built a legitimate organization yet he/she has materials teaching others to do so. There is no problem with the systems of these other leaders except that every other time a new system is introduced, everyone in your organization starts over at zero. It takes months to become proficient at any marketing strategy. Leaders should caution their distributors about these things right as they get started.

Personal Crisis

There are many pitfalls awaiting all humans, including network marketers. Some may have happened before we joined mlm. Whatever it is, we know that we must maintain our energy in this profession. All mlmers should know that they will have to regain their enthusiasm back in order to either keep their team or to keep on a team. If any of your individual distributors has faced a crisis, encourage them to embrace story telling i.e. about their crisis too when talking to prospects. In mlm, your vulnerability is why many want to work with you. Also, offer moral support to those that need it. Your best motivational materials should also be easily accessed by your team. These things will keep your team together.

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