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How To Build Your Belief System With The Marketing Plan

When the product is right, you don’t have to be a great marketer.

Lee Lacocca

In this case, the product is your company’s marketing plan. If you don’t sell, it’s not the marketing plan that is wrong. It’s you. You don’t believe in it enough for someone else to believe in it too. Do you ever think it would be much easier to convince someone to get a job that pays well, than to get them to join you in network marketing? If you met a struggling professional today, would you confidently share with him your network marketing business? Fine. Let’s suppose that you meet highly successful lawyers, doctors, or business people, would you still confidently stand up and show the plan?

Except one believes in the ability of the vehicle to take him/her to a destination, he/she won’t confidently recommend it to others. The marketing plan is a means to an end. It is what people are going to base on with their plans of financial and time freedom. For you to convince others that it can be the bugatti to their dreams, you must personally be fully persuaded about it. You must know what you are talking about. With clarity, and in brief statements, you must be able to show your prospect why this will work for them in a sea full of many other ideas. In other words, you must have belief in your company’s marketing plan.


Network marketing is a very fortunate industry. Why? Because it is a product made for customers. Unlike most businesses that have find customers for their products, network marketing is a product made for the customers. The compensation plan is an essential part of a network marketing company. The first thing we do in building our belief in this marketing plan is to know it. I’ve come to believe that if anyone had a thorough look at almost any network marketing company compensation plan, they would be a fool not to get started. Often, the reward of residual income is irresistible. In a time when we have residual bills, residual income makes perfect sense! Any damn fool can make something complex. It takes a genius to make something simple. And that is what you have to do in the way you show this compensation plan to others. Show it in a simple achievable way.


To build this belief, you will also have to go through several testimonies of those who have used that compensation plan as a means to their dreams. If it’s worked for others, then it can probably work for others more. At times, we listen to these testimonies at company events. They can also be distributed in video/audio/written format for those who aren’t able to attend the event. Financial testimonies in any company build the belief we need to go out there and get our friends started in this. It becomes a drive we can’t resist. That excitement boils in us all the way to the top.


Lastly, you must have a share of the success the compensation plan gives. Once you have this, you are literally cruising in over drive. That’s where you want to be. The longer you take to put in effort to make that dream income, the more discouraged you shall be on whether it’s even possible. You may have heard about driving; but not until you personally drive will you know it. Nothing seems to beat hands on first experience. You need to have your own story. You only attain this by going all in.

In a nutshell, first you must know the compensation plan to the point that you can explain it to a five-year old. Next, you must know several stories of those who used this compensation plan to make it in life. These financial testimonies must be at your fingertips. Have as many of them as possible. Then, you must make your own story. It’s time for you to get down into the trenches so you can test this thing for yourself. Your spouse may want to know how it worked for; not how it worked for hundreds of others. I dare you to do these three things. I guarantee that your belief will increase beyond your imagination. And so will your income!

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