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How Much Should You Do For Your Downlines?

In Your Network Marketing Business.

When I was younger, I would often wonder why someone would get paid for giving a motivational talk. I thought it was something anyone can do. Now that I am older, I know that the job of such speakers is more complex than that of learned technicians. They showed us how to visualize a future. They opened our eyes. Those who succeed in massive recruitment often are such that help them visualize. They get someone to see the possibility of them moving out of a three roomed house.

As an upline, you can play a tremendous role in the success of your downlines. After helping them visualize a desired future through your presentations, reinforce self-sufficiency among them. The recruits that need us most tend to prosper least. Those with self-sufficiency deserve all the credit. It is common knowledge in mlm that we don’t build downline distributors for anyone on our teams i.e. try to save them. Everyone has to do their own frontline recruitment. If an upline wants to motivate his/her team, the best way to do is by him/her recruiting into their organization. New blood is the lifeline of any organization.


A leader should train/coach/guide his own. In mlm, we consider training as would a parent to their five-year-old that must go to day-care. You begin by instilling belief in your team. If they can picture it, they can have it. In the training, you should provide an easily duplicable system and strategy for the new associates; and then allow them to create their own success. Insist that everyone in your organization uses the system that you have proven to work. Network marketing is a friend telling friends business. New recruits must be informed in their training meetings that success in mlm hinges on that; and not on random hotel meetings. As a leader teaches his/her recruits these things, they will teach their own recruits the same.

Closing of Prospects

Secondly, you should be available to help your downlines close some of their prospects. This obviously should only take place after they’ve shown their prospects a business presentation. We are never to do for prospects what they should do for themselves. In some companies, new distributors are asked to take their prospects to hotel meetings; and a super leader will do all that has to be done for them. Some leaders do it all indeed by signing up these prospects for themselves. Giving a list to an upline doesn’t work. Each one must do their own prospecting in mlm.


New prospects need the help of uplines when the prospects need to know if anyone has achieved the financial and personal freedom showed in a business presentation. Some need the upline for credibility. At times, one may need double-gender closing. New recruits should also approach their uplines when faced with questions that may need answers from those with experience.

Moral Support

Leaders also should offer moral support to those on their teams when needed. Once again, it is crucial that we don’t confuse supporting our teams with managing our teams. Moral support does not mean having adult day care centers to baby sit downlines. For if an upline is to baby sit those in his organization, who will recruit for him? When downlines are down, they should go upline. Mlm is a business of teamwork.

Network marketing is a family business. It’s a home-based industry. It is the ideal business. When uplines take charge of their organisations, there are no limits to how lucrative our industry can become. Decide today to stand for your team!

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