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how much have you made

How Much Have You Made In MLM?

So far?

I hope you didn’t shrink on reading the subject of this email. This missile isn’t aimed at you today. At least not by me.

Beyond doubt, all in the mlm business will have this fired at them. We can only hope it’s not fired when you’re in a bad mood. Or when you’ve made nothing you can months that you can talk about.

I teach my team that they should never be shaken with such questions. Instead they should be glad that an easy objection has come their way.

I stands for inquire. Any good student should be able to ask questions related to the subject being discussed. Moreover, not only should these be posed at the end, but also throughout the session. This listening tip helps you to understand better how to help your prospect. In the same manner, it helps the prospect understand better their own situation.

Folks, there’s absolutely no need to shrink before prospects. Network marketing is for all. Let me quickly show you how to move from this objection to sign up whoever brought up the question. This shows you are a pro. Gals are gonna want to be on your team!

I remember when I first started. It seemed as though everyone around me had conspired with someone else to ask me how much I was making.

It became a chorus. I would say “not much yet.” Then they would promise to join mw when I am making the money. And I just wasn’t making the money as yet. So, I wondered often how I would get them to join me so that I make the money.

It was in my training that I learned to respond to this kind of objection. When someone asks that question, you may reply:

“Thank you for that question. I’m curious, why do you ask?”

When they say that they want to know so they can decide whether they are going to be doing the business or not, then say:

“I’m not the opportunity … the company, the products, and the trends are the opportunity.”

You can then add: “Is there anything about those items that I can explain better?”

There you go. Hurdle walked over.

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