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How Different is network marketing from the corporate world?

All You Need To Know!

I understand that many that join us fail because they didn’t adjust to the network marketing principles. Unless those starting out in mlm learn the simplicity of our system, they will fail at what even the least educated in our societies can do. The wrong thinking i.e. corporate world practices will collapse many mlm organisations if not stopped in time.

Qualifying of Prospects

In corporate America, salesman have been taught to always qualify their leads. For example, one shouldn’t attempt selling a building to a person that neither needs it nor can afford it. Qualifying prospects is to determine, before an attempted sale, if indeed your prospect both needs and can afford your product or service. In mlm, qualifying prospects is limiting what is supposed to be limited. It’s blocking one’s own journey to unlimited wealth. Those with no college degrees, no sales experience, no business background, disabled, etc. have thrived in our industry before. We’ve created more millionaires than any other industry in the face of the earth.

Memos and Meeting

Success in network marketing does not come through having strategy meetings all day. Neither does it come having notes on what you are to do or did. Many executives were previously highly paid to go from meeting to meeting; and they will tend to think that they may make it that way in mlm. Whereas they were previously paid for simply showing up, mlm only pays those that work. Work in mlm is recruitment. We are paid for the product sales in our organisations.

Delegation of Work

In the corporate world, there is more focus on management instead of support to one’s team. Many managers have been brought up to boss others around. Instead of leading by example, they delegate duties. Attempting to do will cut one’s cheque. If we have an organization of everyone delegating work, then who will do the actual work. Mlm is a business of duplication. If former executives carry their management practices to our field, they shall experience a great fall.

Using Complicated Systems

Unless your mlm system is something everyone can do, it won’t grow into the largest mountain. Complicated systems of the corporate world can be replaced with simple one-page training manuals. We can embrace story telling in our presentations. We flourish when people easily relate to us.

Focus on Product Sales

In traditional businesses, more focus is on the retailing on products so as to build the business. In mlm, we build the business so as to retail products. Network marketing is about a large number of people doing a little. Whereas traditional businesses seek to get something out of people, we focus on putting something into people. We don’t focus on exploiting them. We build them to build our businesses so as to retail products. Some in our business will prefer to get garage promotions i.e. buy products more than they need just to attain ranks. This will never really promote them. Our focus is should be on building dynamic organisations. The product sales will then automatically occur.

I do believe that talking to your new business partners on these will set them up for tremendous massive recruiting in their teams. I dare you to try it out.

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