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Going to Think About It


Even if you aren’t part of mlm yet, this is an excuse you’ve received before. You proposed something so amazing to a colleague and all they can say is that they will think about it.

Yet you know they will not make time to think on it. Or even when they do think on it, chances are fear shall stop them from joining you. No one commits to the most important things in life based on logic or thinking. It has to be emotion based!

This objection often comes because of a poor presentation made to the prospect. For example, we know that if in your presentation to a business man you didn’t make it clear with evidence that mlm is a legal industry, they shall have something to think about.

If there was no sense of urgency in your speaking, your prospect will indeed believe that there is time for him to think.

If you haven’t shared with them how to get started and make as much money as you are, they will have something to think about.

As you can see, as long as something has been left out, there will be something to think about.

Good news is that there is a solution. Simply directly ask your prospect what it is that he/she wants to think about. On getting to know what it is, ask them if it’s okay for you to give more information to them on the subject. That’s all. You win!

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