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Getting Referrals

A referral is someone who is directed to a different place or person for information, help, or action. In hospitals and businesses, this word is not foreign. Billions of recommendations for most of the traditional businesses happen when a happy customer tells someone, who then tells someone, who in turn tells someone else. It’s human nature to talk about the things we like. Network marketing has often been described as a mouth to mouth business model. In other words, if you are to do network marketing, you must be good at getting referrals.


People are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. It’s estimated that 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. (Nielsen) According to a survey by Market Force, 81% of US online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts versus 78% who are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. Consumers rely on word-of-mouth two times to ten times more than paid media (Boston Consulting Group).

If you are still wondering why I am sharing with you these facts, then you are thinking just the way I wanted you to. You’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table. Gosh! It’s time you woke up to the trends on which successful companies are currently taking advantage of. You should be asking your contacts if they know someone that needs what you have to offer. And what is it that you have to offer? It is an opportunity to financial freedom, time freedom, and better health (the last benefit depends on the company in which you are).


On my journey in network marketing, I’ve come to realize that asking for referrals is done by people with a bigger picture. It’s the leaders with a vision spanning more than 30 years. If you are only looking at the next 24 years, you will most likely see no reason to ask for referrals. You will think that you can pull this off with your circle of friends alone. Yet to be the millionaire you want to be, you must leverage on circles of circles of friends.

Without doubt, prospecting referrals is much easier. At least compared to your own friends. Referrals are more receptive to look at the business because someone they know and trust has recommended that they take a look. Is his/her excuse for not joining you not having time? Simply ask him/her if she/he knows someone that needs what you have to offer. Do this for every no or excuse you receive from your prospect. This is what we mean by using the same stones that have been thrown unto you to build your foundation.


The money in network marketing has always been in the list that you have. Getting referrals helps you make that list even much bigger. Let go of thinking only of the next three years. Instead think big. With the right attitude, doing things that you need to succeed in our profession will be very easy. Getting referrals is one of those things you need to thrive in our industry. Set today of the least number of referrals you shall be getting on a daily basis. Good luck!

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Andi Duli
Andi Duli