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Getting Busy In The Trenches

It’s of recent that I learned of this expression. I fell in love with it immediately. Getting busy in the trenches summarizes what I’ve been doing for years in my own network marketing business. A trench is a long narrow ditch. The thing that is often associated with trenches is dirt. Being in the trenches refers to working in your business. Most people are used to working on their business. However, until they decide to work in it, they won’t what they set out to.


Getting down in the trenches is an activity many dread. It’s no surprise that the top isn’t crowded. Getting busy in the trenches includes the daily income producing activities such as advertising, prospecting, follow up, recruiting, etc. in the network marketing profession. It’s choosing to do what may feel uncomfortable now yet matters in the pursuit of your dreams. We’ve all heard the statement ‘pay now play later.’ I prefer to put it this way ‘pay now or pay double later.’


No matter how experienced you can be at anything, there is no substitute for anything on ground with your team. Even as a top earner in our industry, the trench is necessary from time to time. If one avoids it, so will the rest of his/her team. It’s for this reason that the idea of retirement is controversial in our business. Our getting busy in the trenches sets an example for not only those we work with, but also those we shall work with, on how to attain our dreams with network marketing.


Furthermore, a major thing about leadership is connecting with those that you lead. No one cares until they know how much you care. It is vital that you know what life is like for both your prospects and your teammates. Only then will you be able to forge a way forward in the toughest times. In getting busy in the trenches, you learn what they know and don’t know. In other words, it helps you figure out where to focus in your leadership.


This applies equally with our customers in the business. In network marketing, we not only have teams and prospects, but also the customers who solely enjoy our products at huge discounts. Connecting with your customers will help you know which products have the most outstanding effect. The testimonies shared by these people as you work in the trenches will be the reason for increment in sales volume in your organization. Getting to interact with these people should be part of your weekly schedule.

You must work hard and do good, not be lazy and gamble. Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.

Anne Frank

In summary, our business is about the trenches. We are in a people business. For example, as a participant in my team, I make presentation tools. However, unless am on ground too, what I make would be irrelevant. I love getting feedback from those I reach. The best way I found to get this feedback is being available. Oh what profit we forfeit by fearing to get down in the trenches! Choose to do it each single day of your life. This will be one of the few decisions that you made that will turn out to have triggered series of successes in your life.

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