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Follow The System

A system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done. It is an organized method or planning. In the past, I always wondered what the phrase “follow the system” means in our profession – network marketing. Top earners in all sorts of companies are always reciting this phrase to those who want to also make it. The legends did so. Read any books on network marketing to see how this phrase is emphasized. Of course, when they talked about following the system, they also recommended attending events and meetings. Then they would talk about doing what works. However, the puzzle always remained. What’s really the system in this industry?


The best example of a system I can use to help you get this principle is the education system in this world. Our children start with nursery, next primary, then secondary, and lastly proceed to institutions of higher studies like universities. A system is something which once followed literally guarantees success. A person who graduates from university can take on a job position that will provide an income they need for the rest of life. One may say that this is no longer valid considering the times we live in. I agree, but let’s get back to the point. The reason we call a system so is because it’s proven to work before; and it continues to do so.


Clearly, not every system will work for everyone. Only those who do what works in a system will attain the rewards of that particular system. It’s true that most of those who have excelled in the education system will become employees. If you keenly look at what the education system really promises, the goal is attained once these people become employees. One may want more than just a job. To cross to the entrepreneur side, they have to engage in other systems at the same time with the education one. Except they do so, the system will give them just what it does offer.


One of the things I share with each new distributor that joins me is that there is a system in network marketing. If one is consistent and persistent in doing what works in the profession each day, he/she will have learnt the fundamentals of building a huge network after the first year in network marketing. By the end of the third year, he/she will be making a significant income. In the fifth year, he/she will be at the top the company’s compensation plan. And if they keep going, they will be world class leaders by their seventh year in the business. Do they come back to square one in their 8th year? Obviously not. They simply have made it in life; and have a new life that’s empowered with success after success.


Is it easy to attend lectures/classes at the university? Are the exams a walkover? Do students receive salaries while in school? What happens if they quit the system? It’s obvious that those who quit forfeit the rewards of the system. Doing what works in any system such as attending classes, working with the teachers, doing the exams, etc; is a huge sacrifice. To make it, one must not look at the daily results, but what they will attain as a reward at the end of it all.

Everything changes when you look at the time in this industry as a time you are moving up the ladders of a system. Most network marketers don’t know what to expect; but there is a map of success. If one follows the system i.e. doing what works in it, there is no doubt that in seven years, they will be a high-on-demand leader in our industry. Be confident that you have a destination. Relentlessly work towards it each single day. Also, share this post with a friend who may not know what to expect of their time in network marketing. They need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The rewards are worth each single sacrifice made!

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