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Feeding The Giant

To feed refers to the act of supplying with something necessary as to the growth or the operation of a being. If anything is to grow or to operate, it must be fed. Basically, feed is an external thing that facilitates the life of a being. So what’s feeding the giant all about? The giant could be your physical body. It could be your business. Your dreams qualify too. Perhaps your company is the giant you’ve got to feed. As a network marketer, you may have to feed your team. If things around you have been falling apart, maybe you ignored feeding those specific things. You are starving them. No wonder they are failing!

The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

Julius Erving

It’s been said that knowing something does not necessary mean that one will do something about it. We all eat every day. The principle of feeding whatever we want to grow is not foreign to any of us. Going a day without a meal would leave a number of you bed ridden. But why is it that we just don’t apply this feeding habit to all other aspects of life? Why are so lazy to cater for our souls, businesses, relationships, gadgets, investments, etc.? Unless we feed these things, we won’t achieve success in them.


However, it isn’t just about feeding, for we know that some people feed their way to failure or destruction. The main reason why so many people choose failure is that the hundreds of insignificant choices we make every day don’t affect us immediately. It’s vital that we watch how we feed on a daily basis what we want to blossom. The giant doesn’t get a heart attack the moment it is fed with junk food. Consistence on the road to success means that you choose the right way of doing things and keep doing it for years. You don’t just feed the giant on the right food sometimes – but all the time.

In addition, failure tends to occur as we ignore the giant in us, or around us. There has to be a commitment to always fan into flame the things we want in this life. Don’t under-feed what is major. Or ill-feed what must be alive and functioning in your life. Feeding that giant helps us keep it. Next it helps you make that giant thrive. In any business, the art of keeping what you have differentiates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful ones. You keep your business by feeding it. It’s the giant in this case. Don’t just use it. Feed it too!


I’ve discovered that as a network marketer, I have a giant in me. How do I feed it? I attend events. You can check out our blog on events. Events will do to you what camps do to Christian believers for example. You shall be revived. I also feed the giant in me by attending company meetings. I read at least four books every month. For purposes of balance in your life, the books we read don’t have to all be in the network marketing niche. To me, feeding the giant is keeping my dream. Do you have a dream? Then guard it until it becomes reality by feeding the giant in you.

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