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Exploding Your Business With Leverage

Our industry – network marketing, is very familiar with the word “leverage.” To leverage is use something to maximum advantage. When we talk of leverage, most network marketers think of recruiting some more people into their teams. We’ve always thought of leverage in the aspect of multiplying ourselves through our downlines. That’s a great way, but exploding your business with leverage is not only with the downlines. In this post, I hope to help those who aren’t taking their business to the moon to do so.


To be clear, I am not discounting the fact we attain hugely with leverage in network marketing though our downlines. This is true, and will always be. The question I pose today concerns mainly the situations faced by new distributors. Or those whose downlines have gone into the witness protection program. And this is for lots of team leaders out there. Should we tell these struggling network marketers they can’t have leverage working for them? That would be wrong. It’s for this purpose that I made this post.

Leverage is using what you have to maximum advantage. Compared to other industries, network marketing is full of support and training that any ordinary person may need to excel in the profession. This training may not have been made by your company or upline, but it can be beneficial to you. Have you heard the statement “follow the system?” What of “attend all the meetings and events?” These are statements inviting you to apply leverage. Allow someone else to help you succeed in this business by doing for you something; and you get paid on their effort.


That’s the reason why teamwork is vital in network marketing. The purpose is to reach a place where others do something and you get paid for their effort. Your upline closes your prospects for you; and you get paid. One of the company trainers makes your team stronger so they attain more; and you get paid. A business partner in another team shares a product testimony that makes your own team and customers buy more of that product; and you get paid again. On whose effort? It’s the effort of others that you are getting paid. They don’t have to directly be in your team for you to get paid on their effort.

In simpler terms, you’ve got to use the different talents of everyone you have access to for maximum advantage for yourself. Your upline can gain from your effort; and you too can gain from his effort. Here is the reason as to why you must look for an upline that will support you. Also, it’s for this reason that you need to work with a company whose management will help you grow. The secret lies in leverage. How much will the others be willing to do for you so you get paid? Anyone who grasps this concept will make it huge in our industry. We don’t get paid on only our effort. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be many millionaires in network marketing.


Exploding your business with leverage is about applying teamwork to attain the impossible. You must increase your circle to include more valuable people for you to ascend to the life of your dreams. I know some of you have the excuse of no one in your company coming out to help you. So what? I’ve been in your shoes before. You have to make a decision that you will make it anyway. In baseball, there is no crying. Leverage is about you profiting from the work of even the leaders in other companies. You can use their training manuals. Read their books. In the times we live, there isn’t any way that is better than network marketing. All you need to make it to the moon is to use to maximum advantage what is already available.

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