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Dream Building Concept in Network Marketing

Dream Building Concept in Network Marketing

What’s the dream building concept in network marketing? If you know it, and have applied it, you must be successful in this profession. Without the understanding of dream building, we cannot build really dynamic organizations. Moreover, we must apply it. In the simplest terms, dream building is the act of getting to see who you want to be. And thereby building a strong enough WHY for you to do what is necessary to get out of your current situation.


I do this whenever I am making a business presentation for my business. Only when one realizes the kind of life they need can they come to accept that they need a faster vehicle. There are many out there driving outdated car models that can’t be trusted for a day’s journey. Why? Simply because they don’t know that if they had faster cars, they could spend the rest of the time they plan for the journey with the people they care about most. And get to do the things that they love most.

As a network marketer, you need to help others see that they need more out of this life. Yet even much faster than the traditional ways to achieve more out of life. Have a look at the questions I use when doing dream building with my team. It’s important that dream building isn’t only for new prospects or recruits; but for us too. We need it because we can always achieve more.


If money were no object, who would I help? Why them?

If money were no object, what kind of car would I drive? What are the special featureson it. What is its current price?

If money were no object, what kind of house would I live in? What (and how) would be the location, the entry, the design (including colors), the sitting rooms, the resting rooms, the architectural designs, the parking, etc)

If money were no object, what would I provide my spouse, my father, my mother, my siblings with?

If money were no object, what three top destinations would I travel to? Why these destinations ?

If I was earning more than $100,000 per month, what charities would I support?

How much money do I need to earn on a monthly basis in order to support all my favorite charities at a satisfactory level?

(For those not yet married) How would I like my wedding ceremony to be like? Who do I want to invite? Where would I like the ceremony to be? What of the honey moon? What do I want people to say it cost? What surprise do I want to get my spouse?

If I were one of the top contributors in helping others achieving their dreams in my country, and the president of my country wants to give me an award in front of 10,000 people at an event, what would I wear? (Be specific, color, cost) Also  what kind of watch, jewelry, shoes, and accessories would I have on?

When was the last time I dressed that way?


Dream building is asking if I had the time and financial resources, what would I do with my life. It’s getting the top reasons as to why you need to be successful in life. The dream building concept in network marketing is what helps one rebuild an organization after friends quit on them. In other words, one’s goals are so big that they can’t be ignored any more. Despite all the obstacles that may appear, one will have extraordinary courage to endure to the end.

When I got started in network marketing, I used to include dream building in my presentations. There are several ways it can be done. I would show my prospect some of the top reasons people join network marketing. I would move with copies of papers on which these reasons were printed. And I would ask a few questions till I got to the bottom of the things that my prospect cares about most. Then I would offer the solution. You see this is the reason for dream building.Without it, your network marketing opportunity is irrelevant.


However, I didn’t know what exactly I was doing. I wasn’t aware that it was dream building. It wasn’t long before I eliminated it thinking I should get to business as soon as possible. What a mistake that was! I saw as if some other guys were doing things that way. So I thought it was much faster. It took me months to earn as I was before. Don’t delay your earnings too!

Today I intentionally do dream building with each of my prospects. And my marketing system duplicates like crazy. In addition, it gives results like crazy. If there isn’t much you get to retain from this post, always remember that you have to sell something for it to be bought. In network marketing we sell by dream building!

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