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Doing What Works

So what works? It’s a question that many desperately need an answer to. It is said that success leaves clues. I concur. Personally, I believe we can all do what works. This doesn’t mean that we’ve all got to be lawyers, or businessmen, or doctors, or whatever profession there is. Regardless of the road taken in life, what works remains the same for us all. Another way you can understand this philosophy is in remembering that the universe is governed by laws and principles. Everything we are part of is a system. Life is simply doing what works i.e. the system.


Can gravity forget to pull you back to the ground? If you sow grain, won’t life sprout up from the ground? Shall any man give and receive nothing in return? As I earlier on stated, success indeed leaves clues. The problem we face today is that we actually know what we ought to be doing, but we are not doing it. For reasons yet to be discovered, we prefer to make ourselves busy with the things that don’t work.

Students will prefer to work on just anything that isn’t school. Businessmen will spend their most powerful resources, including time, on what has almost no contribution to the production of their companies. Those in relationships know what they should do to keep together; but they just don’t do it. Network marketers know that they should be prospecting, recruiting, training, and repeating this over and over. But you will find them with all kinds of excuses just not to do what actually works. When is enough enough for you? Aren’t you tired of living the same old boring life?


If by now you still don’t know what works in life, you could simply read a little more. If you don’t, you will have refused to do the first thing that works i.e. gathering the right information. It is estimated that most CEOs and top executives read 4-5 books per month. These game changers are the ones rebuilding society, providing jobs, and inventing trending everyday products. If they are reading that much, then there is great value in reading books.


For those of you who are already doing what works, or at least know what works, there is something you can add. It’s consistence. Consistence is the steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc. This is the part where you do over and over what you know works. Why does this separate you from the others? Because 99% of those doing the same line of work as you will quit before they break even. It’s been found that success is at times simply doing something long enough until you are the only one left on the stage. As long as you can be as the robot i.e. doing the same thing over and over, you shall become an expert in it.


However, without persistence, consistence may fail to yield the intended results. Persistence is the continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Steve jobs was quoted to have said that what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. Some of the synonyms of persistence are perseverance, tenacity, determination, resolve, and resolution. Much as you have decided to be consistent, you must resolve that you shall remain so even in the difficult times.


Many people waste years looking for what works. Anything works. All they have to do is to do is to apply the laws and principles that govern this universe. Of course, using of leverage will help you go wide fast. Your inner man must always be fed with the information written in the books. Work the system. And keep working it. Do not procrastinate except if you believe that your family and friends don’t deserve the better life you could avail to them with your hard work. Always be found doing what works!

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