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Do You Look At It As A Vehicle

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a vehicle is a means of carrying or transporting something. It is a medium through which something is expressed, achieved, or displayed. Recently, I learned that when we don’t know the use of something, we often abuse it. Abuse here is abnormal use. For instance, drugs are used in the surgery rooms in hospitals. However, when one begins to excessively use them at home, without prescription, it is called drug abuse. Children are meant to be treated a particular way. When one doesn’t do it right, it’s called child abuse. There is also abuse of trust, systems, statistics, etc.


If we clearly studied some of the current trends in the network marketing industry, we’ll find that a lot of people are abusing the industry. When we acquire a vehicle, our intention should be to go somewhere with it. Would Mercedes Benz be content if you bought its car just for keeping in your garage? Is a cloth designer satisfied to learn that you bought the cloth to keep it in your wardrobe without wearing it ever?


We joined network marketing with a dream. It could be financial freedom, time freedom, helping others, building a legacy, getting out of debt, more spare time, travel, own business, meeting new people, etc. It’s incomplete if we say that our goal was to simply join the company. Don’t sleep until you reach your goal with this vehicle. The reason you got started is because you saw it is possible. It is still possible. If it means going hard, then go hard. Here are some ideas on how to use a vehicle, in this case network marketing, to get to your destination.


The first thing needed to use a vehicle is to get in and get started. No one can reach their destination unless they first get started. I presume that by the time you are reading this post you’ve already gotten started. It means signing up in a network marketing company. Secondly, on this journey, you must buy oil and gas. There is some investment made into this vehicle. These are consumable products. In your business, this translates to using your company products and buying them again and again. You must keep fueling that vehicle for it to keep moving.


Next, you must get into high gear. No one starts out in a high gear; we simply get into it. Except we move from neutral to gear one, we can’t get to our destination. Gear one is sponsoring your first generation. Gear two is you having two generations. The goal is gear four where you have at least four generations. If you’ve driven before, you know how swift and enjoyable it is in this gear. Finally, you want your organization to be in gear four. This pushes you to gear five.

One of the issues I have dealt with in my organization is that the goal of a number of people turned out to be joining a wonderful company. Yet their real dream was to attain something much bigger. I hope you’ve learnt something from this post. If you have been sitting back hoping that the car will drive itself, it’s time for you to get into the driver’s seat. Your dreams deserve to become reality. Be unstoppable. Pick up yourself. Get it started and drive all the way to your desired destination. All the best.

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