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Do Public Meetings Grow Your Downlines?

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Who wouldn’t love to conduct hugely attended business presentation meetings? What a large catch that would be! This is a temptation faced by millions of independent distributors in our industry. We want to do one thing that will turn us into millionaires in one evening. There’s a place for public meetings such as hotel meetings in our industry. For example, when recognizing the most productive people in a company. However, recruiting and training meetings, which are the foundation of our business, should be conducted in homes. We are a home-based industry. Trying to reinvent the wheel can only leave one right where they started, or even worse. Here are some of the reasons why public meetings will not increase your frontline recruiting.

No Privacy

They are not private. Lack of privacy drives away more than 25% of the population. Some of your potential business partners cannot afford to be seen by subordinates in these public places. Doctors will not want to meet their patients. Teachers will not want to meet both their students and students’ parents. Bosses don’t want to be seen by their employees. People prefer private meetings.

Huge Costs

They are costly. Leaders incur huge costs in renting public places. This instills fear amongst the downlines when they think of what it will take for them to ever be able to rent a hotel. Mlm should be kept a low investment opportunity in which average people achieve wealth and independence through hard work and legitimate movement of products and services.

Saturation Illusion

Public meetings always create an illusion of saturation. New distributors get discouraged at the thought that they are getting into a deal that everyone else already knows about. Except the impression of joining the company at early stages is created among your prospects, they may never see the need of urgency to join you.

Create Dependency

These meetings create dependency. If one leader does it all, why should others become so? Often mlmers are told that all they need to do is to send people to meetings. Nowadays, some even drop their links all over social media. That doesn’t work! Only those who conduct their own meetings succeed in network marketing.

No Personal Development

Public meetings such as hotel meetings don’t allow personal development. If you team becomes fearful when it comes to public meeting, then they’ve become fearful to success. If they cannot dress elegantly, then they may never see themselves as leaders. Leaders are not developed by getting people to stand before thousands, but in small groups. If you want more leaders in your organization, stick to home meetings.

Relationship Business

The intimacy of the business is lost in public places. Mlm is a people business. It’s a word of mouth business. It is a friend telling friends business. Violation of this by subjecting your friends to strangers will only make it harder for you to recruit them. Be confident enough to share your beliefs and convictions with your friends. That’s where the magic is.

Show No Freedom

Lastly, these meetings do not signify freedom. Who wants a business where they have to be making speeches and presentations before hundreds in hotels? Besides what if those people don’t show up? Who wants to stomach the embarrassment that comes with it? If you want to grow your downline, simply keep it private. That’s where the money is!

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