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Differences Between The Corporate World And MLM

Let's See Which Works Best for Both of us

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One must qualify his/her prospects before products/services are sold. This predetermination is so one knows if the prospect can afford the product/service. No predetermination whatsoever is required. Everyone deserves a chance to make their life better.
Led by delegating and managing those in their teams. Led by example; and inspiring those in their teams.
Unending strategy meetings and memos are part of the work. Focus is on talking to prospects i.e. prospecting, recruiting, and training.
Monetary gain is the primary need. Personal development is primary.
Self-exaltation common (i.e. Considering that those who work for them are inferior) Exaltation of others in our teams
Encourages people to emphasize their strengths and past successes Encourages people to share their vulnerabilities i.e. what led them to mlm
Will require academic documents No academic qualification needed
Focusses on sales/retail Focusses on organization/team building.

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