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common mistakes in mlm

Common Mistakes in Multi-level Marketing

Things Every New Recruit Must Know

In MLM Business, it is the network marketing beginner that fails. The reason for the failure is giving up too soon. Those who persist long enough eventually succeed. How long enough? This is not measured in amount of time but in amount of effort. And with the knowledge of the common mistakes in mlm, anyone can make it. Are you on the verge of giving up? Will staying longer eventually yield success? Yes, it will. The classic example of staying power and phenomenal success is Colonel Sanders. He is founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He says it took him 1,009 rejections before finding a partner and investor for his chicken recipe. But the more important thing is to learn why people give up and avoid these errors. Let us look into the common network marketing mistakes made.

False Expectations

They see MLM business as easy money; more income with less work or no work. Also, they have a wrong perception of what it takes to succeed in network marketing. Often a time, you’ll hear “all you just need to do is invite as many people as you can. You find a few leaders or a few persons good in sales”. The answer to this is to be aware of The Promise and Reality of Network Marketing. Realize that it takes effort and dedication to achieve even modest result whether you do it part-time or full time. You need to be ready and willing to do what it takes to succeed.

No Preparation

Upon gaining membership, newbie immediately start inviting friends, relatives and acquaintances to the business opportunity. Many do this without the necessary mindset and skills training. Consequently,there are rejections and eventual discouragement. In order to avoid this, you need to first avail of all the company’s training for new distributors. In addition, attendance of actual seminars/workshops or online video training is paramount. Very early in the game, know that continuous attention to personal development and skills training is not an option but a must do.


On being recruited, most new networkers start inviting or presenting their business to a few family members and friends. When most reject or give obvious excuses as to why they cannot join, they get discouraged and do not move on. They failed to grasp that networking is a numbers game. Instead, they need to be reaching out to as many on a daily or regular basis. The need to learn how to go beyond their comfort zone cannot be over left out if success is the goal. Without strategic and consistent activity, no result is achieved. Eventually, when no income is coming, one easily lull into inactivity and eventually give up. To overcome this, you need to know what strategic actions you need to do initially and on a consistent way. This involves making plans and working on your plans which means translating them into daily routine of goal oriented activities.

Failure to Overcome Fear

Fear is not altogether wrong. It is a natural emotion, part of our survival instinct to protect us from possible physical dangers. However, it is also a psychological defense mechanism which often a time is unreasonable or without basis. It comes from past experiences and programming that can even be traced to one’s childhood. Fear can manifest in various ways – fear of…

  • rejection,
  • others’ opinion,
  • making mistakes,
  • failure,
  • the unknown
  • and even fear of success.

In general, it is an emotion that is a result of wrong thinking. It can be remedied by correcting the wrong or unreasonable perception of reality. Tony Robbins, world renowned transformational expert teaches the need to understand fear as a dynamic of physiology and language. Fear needs to be managed through making immediate shift and refocusing. In practice, it means changing bodily posture and movement and verbal description of the situation that caused fear. Afterwards, you focus towards positive direction and confident action. Mere changing one’s hunched posture to being upright immediately changes emotion. Looking for and expressing more positive perspective about a situation changes emotion towards something positive. Once this positive emotion is experienced, you then use it to empower you to act or do the very thing you are afraid of. Tim Sales, a retired MLM millionaire and top MLM teacher/trainer, teaches that MLM fears can be overcome through development and employment of skills that he summarized in 3 words:

  • certainty,
  • discipline
  • and reach.

Learn through discipline and practice the very skill/activity you are afraid of. Do it continuously till you become certain that you can do it with confidence. You then reach out and actually do it with confidence and expertise. Eventually, you do overcome for good your fear.

Insufficient Motivation

Most beginners start off with weak or shallow reason for joining MLM business. This translates into “just to earn a few bucks or an extra income” and “doing the business if there is time”. Their activity involves sharing the business or the products only to a few friends, relatives and acquaintances. They have no real intention to make a big difference in their life or future. Others are contented with what income they are already receiving from their jobs or business. Without a compelling reason, urgency, strong need or desire for a clearly imagined and exciting goal that grabs your heart, you will become lukewarm, lazy and inactive. Therefore, to develop strong motivation, you need to search your heart and ask what you truly want. Ask what is the deep need and reason why you join or want to join the MLM business. You need to identify your clear and compelling reason for wanting to achieve those desires. Not only should you describe clearly what it’s like when you achieved them, but also vividly. Write them down for regular even daily review. Finally, you can add a negative motivation, imagining what it’s like if you’ll never achieve them at all and the negative consequence of not achieving them. This should spur you to dedicated commitment towards achieving them.

Lack of Belief

There are those who join network marketing influenced strongly by the promise of lucrative income and enthusiasm. Their sponsors and exposure to group aura moved them to join but they have not developed personal conviction or belief about either the industry, network marketing and the company’s products or opportunity. Thus they operate with half-empty power. The attitude is “yes, but . . .” and thus constantly driving in low gear. Many a time, this is aggravated by low self-belief and low confidence in one’s self. The first set of low belief can be remedied by educating oneself on the merits and advantages of the industry, network marketing and the company’s products or opportunity. Lack of personal belief is remedied by training, reading resources and viewing videos from motivational experts, successful mentors and using self-programming created by experts in the field. Check out my biography section.

Negantive Attitude

Negative attitude is a habit of mind that focuses on the unwanted aspect of anything and any situation, whether real or imagined. It habitually manifests in one’s mental preoccupation, verbal expression, facial expression and bodily posture and language. The way you recognize negative attitude is the negative feeling you experience when you maintain or express a particular attitude. It is overcome by making a mind shift; refocusing or reinterpreting the situation towards something you should be grateful for or uplifting to the heart. No one has expressed this more clearly and eloquently as in one of the letters of the apostle Paul: Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8 (RSV).

Lack Ownership

This is manifested in an attitude of waiting for outside factors to make things happen in one’s business. They depend on other people (upline or sponsor or team mates), or other outside factors to grow their business. This attitude results from either false promises, misunderstood terms of agreement when joining and even outright deception by recruiter who is only after the commission. While network marketing is a “people helping people business” and leveraging on the work of many others” it is in no way other people building for you. To move away from this illusion, you need to be and see yourself as business owner, and as one who is primarily responsible for the growth and success of your business. It is having a take charge posture and having a “ can do whatever it takes” attitude.You take personal responsibility for whatever outcome you want for your business. This involves in the first place self-leadership.

And from your vantage point as head of your own group members (or would be group members), you are a leader by default. When you have the power of belief working in you, there’s no reason why you cannot be made into the leader you are meant to be. That is the implication of your decision to join network marketing company. Honestly evaluate yourself or your MLM members from the above list of causes of MLM failure. Inspire yourself to take action on the measures recommended. You can be exempted from the statistic of those who quit like a bud that wilted and fall even before it has bloomed. Better yet, you and your members will be counted among those who have achieved. And you will be enjoying your wildest dreams realized and personally knowing that indeed dreams are meant to come true.

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