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Common Forms of Rejection in MLM

Common Forms of Rejection Faced In Network Marketing

Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good I was actually being redirected to something better. – Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience.

If the future was known, it would be no mystery. Before the explorers in tropical Africa discovered what malaria actually was, malaria had proven to be a monster that mercilessly took life from many. HIV brought such gloom and darkness upon the faces of many before they really got to know what it is. Getting any disease is no joy; but with the weapons available to combat them, we are not afraid of them. All network marketers, no matter how successful they become, will be faced with rejection. Firstly, this rejection could be from one’s warm market i.e. friends and family. Or the cold market. Wherever it hails from, any network marketer should be bigger than it.

Not Being Taken Seriously

This is one of the most degrading forms of rejection faced by those starting out in our industry. You spouse may think of your plans as a little home thing. Just because you didn’t invest hundreds of dollars, many will simply not take you serious about even entrepreneurship. To some, an average school teacher shouldn’t speak about making more than $150,000 per month. Many folks may even pass on this business as a lady’s party thing. Whatever the form of rejection, keep believing in yourself; and in what you are doing. Show people your business presentation so that they can get to see as you see. When challenged about your earnings, refer to your upline who’s making the money you aren’t making yet. Seek credibility by working hand in hand with your upline. Your friends trust you; but you may not pass the credibility test before them.

Strong Negative

I like this form of rejection because it will save one both time and energy. Every network marketer will meet people that will threaten to cut relationship if mlm is talked about again in their relationship. These people claim to know it; and they totally detest our profession. They clearly speak out against the mlm philosophy. No one should take this rejection personally. These people are simply not at the right time in their lives for change. We can check on them again in six months.

The Argumentative

Failure in mlm is related to the belief that the goal is overcome objections, sign up people at al costs, and then drag them across the finish line through motivation and management systems. One in mlm will encounter those who may not strongly object but will give excuse after excuse. Many a time, this a result of using an improper approach in prospecting. Also, it’s quite clear that the person approached is not at the right time for change. MLMers need to caution their new associates of the possibility of this kind of rejection from their spouses.

Trying to win the battle only alienates these people from ever joining us. No one wants to admit that they were wrong at first. So, they may not join later on even when they see the opportunity; just so to prove a point. Also, a person convinced against his will be still be of his old opinions. Only after fully financially committing to mlm, and undergoing training, should anyone attempt explaining this business. Besides, we are not supposed to explain it, but to arrange a full business opportunity meeting with those prospects.

No Show Ups

New recruits need to be warned at the very start that half of those they invite to their home meetings will not show up. Because most family members and close friends do not want to reject you, they will agree to things they don’t want; just to be warm. This kind of rejection can leave new recruits feeling that they’ve been deceived. This pain easily softens if one already knew about this pitfall. The humiliation a network marketer faces should be the very reason they should want to rise to their full potential.

In summary, rejection ceases to have power in our industry when we prepare our business partners for it. We should program our team concerning rejection at the close of the first presentation meeting. If we don’t, most of the people who leave the presentation excited will never return. This is common in network marketing because these prospects tend to be fatalities of rejection. Some of the prospects may even be afraid of being rejected too. Talking about it to them proves your leadership capabilities. For their questions and fears, you show solutions.

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