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my last wild ticket to crazy commissions in mlm

Commissions of Network Marketing

Crazy ones!

I did day dream on several occasions. The desire to earn crazy commissions in network marketing seemed to obsess me. There exist wild figures that can shake almost anyone. In those dreams, I always saw myself retire after taking home a couple of big cheques. I was dead wrong. Today, I don’t want to quit. At times I wish I could have known that getting more would drive me to work harder to earn much more. There was a ticket that got this door opened for me. I call it a ticket because it is what matters among all other things. Also, it was my last resort. I had run out of options. Getting tangible results seemed so far from me those days. This is more than a ticket!

Jim Rohn was not born with any skills. Neither was Les Brown. Nor Oprah Winfrey. Or simply put; anyone that you could name. Rather, they were endowed with talent(s) at their birth. And so was I. I may have received the same talent with many others on this earth, but we’ll never operate exactly the same way. Talent is simply a seed. It is your capacity for achievement or success. Our talents are our wealth. It’s from here that we derive the wild skill(s) that bring in heavy bags of cash. Talent translates to skill; and skill translates to money. Have you no money? You have no skill!

Discovering Your Ticket

Multitudes spend most of their lives in quest of their talent(s). They travel several destinations in hope of discovering who they really are. And for those who discover, some are too late. While others never get to discover this during their lifetime. Finding your talent is finding your wealth! If you haven’t yet found it, invest all you can into finding it. Then you can focus on perfecting it. In so doing you acquire skill(s). When you find you talent (as most network marketers will), keep at it even if you are not being paid for it. It wasn’t David’s first time to use a sling when he struck Goliath a stone using it. Persistence matters; even when no one is recognizing you.

Often a time, it may seem as though everyone else is doing what you are doing. However, there is always something that they all are not doing. You have to develop your talents so as to acquire the skill you need to be on top always. Your talent is in you. This is your ticket to crazy commissions in mlm. The difference between the rich and poor is in the ability to use what is in them- their talents. Developing your talent is undergoing training so as to use what you already have. Everyone that operates a machine must be already coached about it. They must have acquired a license. Possession of skill is a sign that you have tapped into your gifts.

You Already Have the Ticket

I once lost big chunks of money in scams. Too frustrated, I began to hop from one company to another. This only lasted till I depleted my savings. My bad reputation stopped friends from lending me money anymore. I was stuck. A spider will surely go hungry yet what it needs to make a web is inside it. It can could starve to death yet what it requires to trap food is already in it. Only when it taps into what it was naturally given shall it thrive on this earth. With no more options, I learnt that I was broke because I was not using what I had. That misery could have been avoided had I known that talent lies within me. I developed my spider web. I live a happy life today. Tap into what you have now. There’s something you at least have now. Use it!

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