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Can You Reap Without Sowing?

You won’t reap a thing if you haven’t sowed. I recently learnt of the one of the trying times for a farmer. I believe that we all pass through this regardless of what we are into. In network marketing, we face it. We ought to share this so that those going through difficulty may understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And that they will make it! To sow is to plant a seed for growth especially by scattering. It is to set something in motion. It is to begin. Reaping refers to gather a harvest. It is to obtain or win. It is common knowledge to us all how our food comes about. The farmer has to sow; and only then can he expect a harvest.


Important to note is that once the farmer sows, he has an expectation. He/she follows a process which guarantees a product that is not abstract. It is evident that one can’t expect beans if what is planted is maize. Similarly, if nothing is planted, nothing of value should be expected. Weeds are rarely of value. This is why it’s possible to create a world we want to live in. We can make the future we desire. You can have it as you picture it in your dreams. Once you have the idea of where you would like to be a few months from now, then you can know what kind of planting must be done.

Network Marketing has its figures and trends. It also has lots of systems that will work for almost anyone that chooses to master in the profession. The system guarantees us of a certain end result we desire. In network marketing, we sow. The sowing we do is not so different from the farmers’. Depending on the kind of seed buried in the soil, we have to patiently water it until it sprouts. If most farmers gave up at this point because of the time taken for the seed to sprout out, food crisis issues would be so rampant.


In real life, these crises are happening. Fathers have given up on pursuing their dreams because it was taking long. Their children suffer the consequences. Mothers are using their marriages as excuses for not pursuing their life goals. The younger generation gives excuses of having to find security through for example jobs, before they pursue their dream. Refuse to give up! It’s now more about existing, rather than really living. Truth is that many plant. However, they give up on those plants just because of the time the plant takes to sprout out of the ground.

Network Marketing is a great business school because it really does apply life principles. If you can make it network marketing, you can make it anywhere in life. We sow in network marketing as we look for leads; invite the prospects; make presentations; and follow up. With things as the six months’ rule, the seeds in our profession can take years to sprout forth. When a sower gives up, they trash all their previous efforts. As you sow in your business, be confident that you shall have a harvest!


I urge you to look at your business the way a farmer looks at his garden. It takes time, but it works out eventually. Endeavor to not trash your effort by giving at any point during the process. The process you go through in your network marketing business is a normal life process. It’s even much easier yet it may look difficult for a moment. Those who follow the education system wait far much longer for the seed to sprout. To reap, you have to sow. Once sowing is done, don’t give up. Water that dream. Don’t allow others to discourage you that the seeds won’t come up. Be confident of the process as any sower has to be! Be unmovable about your goals. Always remember, there will be a harvest as long as you have sowed; and waited patiently, watering that dream. It will come to pass. It’s a matter of time.

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