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Business Opportunities Are Like Buses

A bus is a large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, typically one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare. The bus represents a system that anyone can engage to arrive at his/her dream destination in life. In this famous quote, Richard likens business opportunities to buses. A business opportunity is a set of tools and information people buy to start a business. If business opportunities can be likened to buses, it follows that there is a possibility for anyone randomly in the public to reach his/her dream.

It’s comforting to know that there are infinite opportunities for anyone to succeed in life. So, what happens if one misses the 5pm bus to his/her destination? Let’s presume that this person X has only 20 US dollars with him. The bus fare to the desired destination is 17 US dollars. Person X waits for the next bus – the 6pm bus. While waiting for it, he takes a walk in the nearby market. He’s back at the bus stop at 15 minutes to the hour. Unfortunately, it came earlier that particular evening. It left the bus stop at 5:35 pm.

Is there a person to blame for his missing the last bus? Absolutely yes! However, the bus has still left and the next one will be at 6am the next day. Person X can take a cab to his destination. That would require an extra 36 US dollars for the cab fare is 56 US dollars. Person X can’t even afford the cheapest hotel rooms nearby. He braces himself for the darkness. His only hope is that one of the passing truck drivers may offer him a lift. Much as the trucks tend to be so slow towards his destination, it’s the only option he has. Unfortunately, no truck stopped that evening. Person X left for his destination the next morning at 6am.

What’s there to learn from this? Opportunities will always be available; however, the cost involved increases with each passing one. What if person X doesn’t get home to his sick child? If it were a business appointment with a colleague or client, how serious will person X be taken from that day onwards. What price can we put on our time? If we are to throw it away for the reason that another one is coming along, can we still call ourselves wise? I personally once slept at a bus station. It’s an experience I may never forget. It was so uncomfortable spending a night with complete strangers passing by all throughout the night.

If getting to your dream destination is important, take a decision to take the first bus available for your dream. Don’t hesitate to throw out anything that comes into your way towards the bus stop. Missing an opportunity comes with more risk. Therefore, it’s best you courageously take on the opportunities you have now. Swindling away your opportunities sets you up for losses, massive sacrifices, disappointments, increased unplanned expenses, uncalculated risks, etc. Above all, there is a possibility of not making it to the dream destination; or making not in time for plans made for your life.

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