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I recently over heard a conversation between two ladies. They spoke quite fast in French but I could pick out a few interesting details. My French lessons were not in vain. As they sipped their chocolate drinks, they shared with each other their frustrations in business. One of them spoke of how she always thought she had the right company or just the right deal, only to realize it was another big lie. Yet she would still try again with another company. Both of them admitted to have once thought on innumerable deals that they could attain the leverage talked about in business workshops, only to be slapped by reality. It just required too much work. The Ponzi schemes simply robbed them of their hard-earned cash! I left that restaurant in deep thoughts. What are the options for the millennials today? Should they go back to working odd jobs and saving in banks for their retirement? What is safe?


The two ladies that were expressing their fears and frustrations were part of some of the renown network marketing companies. Back in the 1930′s, there was a man by the name of Carl Rehnborg. Whilst in China in between 1917 and 1927, he was first introduced to the benefits of using supplements in a diet and the additional health benefit that it gives people. When Carl got back to America, he set up a company called The California Vitamin Company. In 1939, he re-branded the company as Nutrilite. And 6 years later, Carl invented the network marketing strategy to help boost the sales of his company.

Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, who were distributors of the Nutrilite products, noticed the real power of this business modal as sales were growing at an exponential rate. They set up a competing company called Amway. They later on bought a controlling interest in Nutrilite in 1972. There were other companies such as Herbalife, Mary Kay, Forever Living Products, Avon, etc. that were set up following the same business model. There are more than 10,000+ Direct Selling companies worldwide, many of them in Asia and China, under the radar and are in the $15 – $100+ million sales range. The opportunity to make a fortune with these companies still exists, just as it was in the 1900’s.

The Fortune

Who exactly are making a fortune from network marketing? This is quite easy to answer. You could say the top distributors are making that fortune. And that is true. You may have to be a top distributor to make a fortune from this. And how do they become top distributors? By working extra hard to build teams that duplicate enormously. In simple terms, they encounter huge volumes of sales within their business teams. They earn high commissions because of the ongoing sales in their teams.

Today, there are distributors that make up to $1,000,000+ per month. It is quite evident that don’t earn such amounts because of their own effort. Rather it is due to the continuous effort of others. Also, it can be attributed to the ongoing demand of the product sold in their company. The number of people alone is not enough without other ways of selling the products to non-members. So, can we all make a fortune in network marketing? Yes! Emphatically Yes! We can. I reveal to you a secret that very few have emphasized.


The first network marketing opportunities distributed home products. Actually, to many, when one talks of network marketing, they just know it is a product. The most common ones tend to food supplements or health related products. That is why network marketing began from. Before you sell these supplements, you have to inform the buyer of the benefits. And then make the sale. However, currently network marketing companies have ventured into services such as telecommunication, entertainment industry, financial services, etc. Your product determines the effort you put in to make the sales.

Secret Revealed

You need a product that sells like hot cake. It should be one that people consume daily. You need a product that encompasses both the rich and the poor. It should sell automatically without much effort. There are several network marketing companies today that offer you an opportunity to distribute products that we could compare to water. With such a company, you are guaranteed as far as daily sales are concerned. Your team has to grow! Why? Because they lose nothing as they join. Rather, they gain access to a platform that they can use to access their normal daily products yet while making money.

Therefore, there are still options for millennials. This is not only directed to those that are losing faith in the system because of the backend input that is needed, but also to those who just want to make it big. The highest earners in network marketing are in companies that sell what is consumable on a daily basis by millions of people. You can make it! Look for that product. It may take you months, but when you get your hands onto it, it is gold with you.

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