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Building It Right Once

I knew it was time to talk about building. Perhaps looking ay network marketing as something worth building will help millions to be able to realize their dream income in it. To build is the development of something according to a systematic plan, by a definite process. Definite refers to being free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or obscurity. It is something unquestionable. Therefore, to build anything, you need a well laid out plan, and an unquestionable process to follow.


How many things are built in this life? Apart from building a network marketing business, we build houses, relationships, organizations, arguments, muscles, careers, etc. The building process for all these has a few things in common. When you start to look at your network marketing business as a something to build, these guidelines will be of great advantage to you. Let’s look at them closely with an example of building a dream home.


All buildings begin with a dream. One envisions a kind of house they would like to have. It could be on a beach or the outskirts of a major city. In this dream, they want to put up a particular house that will serve generations. Important to note is that eventually the dream must be put on paper. For the house, one will visit an architectural firm to have house plans made. For your network marketing business, you must jot down your dream; and the things you commit to do for a specific period of time so as to build that dream.


Further on, a study has to be done on the land on which the building will be placed. If the weight of the dream is more than what the land can hold, then reinforcements of the land may have to be made. Or a new piece of land shall be found. If you are already in network marketing, I believe you found a good land. Next the construction begins. The foundation is the most important. The finishing is the most complex. All these involve work. Why is the finishing the most complex stage? Because it involves having to clean up any errors made earlier on.


So, what are some of the lessons we can learn from the building process. Firstly, you cannot build your dream all alone. It’s true that it’s your dream. However, you must get others to understand it so that they can give you a hand in building it. You need other in order to make it to your dream in network marketing. Secondly, you must be intentional. You must do things on purpose. It must be deliberate. When you go out to prospect, you should have a purpose. The same applies when you recruit or train new business partners. Never for a moment should you forget your why. Let everything you do be calculated.


In addition, you should never give up. We’ve all seen abandoned buildings. What if they had been finished and at least something put up in those structures? Once you get started, you are closer to your dream than before. Don’t give up on building your team. Keep investing both your money and time in the business. When can you stop the investment? That depends on how long you want that building to stand. Once something isn’t maintained, we all know what happens to it.


Lastly, the dream is yours. It’s yours alone. Even if it will benefit others, it still remains yours. Much as his father loved him, Joseph’s speaking of the others bowing to him was not a welcomed idea. Later on, his own brothers sold him off. It’s your dream. You must be your own cheer leader. You must find the way; go the way; and show the way. I challenge you to always look at your business as something that you are building. Have the right perspective today. Look at it as an art piece. Make it as beautiful and rewarding as you first saw it in your imagination.

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