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Being A Product of the Product

A product is an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale. Your company could be having health care products, food supplements, gadgets, etc. A product can also be defined as the thing or person that is a result if an action or process. In this case, we can use terms such as a result, outcome, fruit, etc. Being a product of the product is one of the top requirements of almost any salesman. You must have a personal testimony of what you sell!


In my network marketing company, we sell three main products i.e. financial freedom, time freedom, and better health. Before we go any further, let’s look at why being a product of the product is crucial for you to succeed as a salesperson. Firstly, do you think it would be proper for a BMW car salesman to be seen driving a Mercedes Benz? Secondly, would you accept to get onto a boat knowing that the captain is not yet on boat and he has not yet even tested the functionality of that boat?


Obviously, it’s completely unprofessional for the BMW car salesman to be seen driving a Mercedes Benz. He would qualify to be fired from his position as a salesman. Therefore, before you sell your network marketing products, you should personally use them. The starter package that anyone joining your team receives should be for their personal consumption. Most new recruits occupy themselves with product details so that they can push these on social media onto their friends. No wonder they soon find themselves in the NFL – No Friends Left. The best way you can market that BMW is by personally using it and getting acquainted with how it functions. It’s how you actually get to know more about your network marketing company products.


I mentioned the scenario of the boat captain. Unless you are brain dead, you have every reason to feel that you are being tricked into something that could cost you life. You are right to feel unsafe. New recruits often want their friends and family to get in to the boat before they get on to it themselves. In life, you must always recruit yourself first. Trying to sell an opportunity before you join it is unprofessional. No one can follow you to a place they know you have no idea about. Talking about the business even to your spouse before you join is foolishness. Only by being a product of the product can you efficiently sell that product.


You can only invite others on a journey that you have personally taken before, or at least are in the process of taking. If your company distributes products for a better health, let this better health be seen first in your family. If you are with the opportunity to financial freedom, let this be seen in your lifestyle. In network marketing, we talk of how we have time freedom. But do others see it in your life? Are you so occupied that you don’t have time to go to parties and events with others? Are you claiming to have time to do the things that matter most to you yet you don’t make time for your spouse and the kids? You cannot succeed in network marketing if you don’t show to have what you preach.


Only by being a product of the product can you succeed at any opportunity in life. You must be totally committed at being the first to have a testimony about what you sell. That is what we call being passionate about what you do. If no one will buy the product, then be the one to do so. If you are going to be selling anything, you are your most important customer.

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