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6 listening tips to increase your sales

6 Listening Tips for Business Builders

Rock Your Sales in Mlm

It took decades for me to learn that in sales it’s not about me, but about my prospect. Coca-Cola adverts are never about how refreshing the drink is to its manufacturers, but of how it can be to you. When these airline ads show up on your screen, it’s about how pleasant your journey can be made for you. The fortune 500 companies have mastered the art of making it about you. Some of the waitresses that have served you seemed to take care of you more than your spouse does. They have made it about you because they have applied these listening tips on you. And it’s all you also need.

One of the greatest ways to make it about your client is to listen. This is why I am persuaded beyond doubt that these 6 listening tips will turn around your sales. Not only should these be applied at your first call and follow up, but also all throughout the time you are building your business together. To listen is the ability to correctly understand the message that is being conveyed during communication. This involves hearing, understanding, and judgement. Leaving any of this out hinders the growth of your organization. Hearing may be quite easy; have you understood what is being communicated? Furthermore, are you able to apply judgement? Let’s discuss how you can achieve this in one-word L.I.S.T.E.N.


L stands for look. In simple terms, you should focus on the person with whom you are having a conversation. Even with online sales funnels, your prospects can notice that they aren’t a priority to you. What a big turn-off that is! How do you expect your prospect to share their short comings with you yet you don’t seem interested in getting to know them? It is common knowledge to anyone in our industry that unless we know their need, we cannot tell their problem. Therefore, our opportunity will not come out as the perfect solution they need. Look!


I stands for inquire. Any good student should be able to ask questions related to the subject being discussed. Moreover, not only should these be posed at the end, but also throughout the session. This listening tip helps you to understand better how to help your prospect. In the same manner, it helps the prospect understand better their own situation.


Eric Worre shares in his materials of some of the questions anyone can use to help them close a prospect. Firstly, the client is given a list with a number of reasons as to why people from various walks of life join multi-level-marketing. The salesman then asks questions that narrow down to what is most important to the prospect. It summarizes all the client has to share. This gives the salesman a stage to provide the ultimate solution. After your encounters with clients, you should be able to point to out the highlights concerning your exchange.

Take Notes

This works best when you physically meet your prospect. It is unwise to store information in a place whose role is creativity. Your brain is not meant to store things, but to create things. Trying to store up everything in your brain only blocks your sight. It blocks awesome performance. Even when prospecting online, endeavor to take notes lest you begin to mistake X for Y. X’s needs are different from those of Y.


E stands for encourage. Often a time, the person on the other side of the call enquires if you are still on the call. If this usually occurs in your calls, you need these 6 listening tips. As a salesman, encouraging your prospect as they share their situation helps them to say more. This is to your advantage. Usage of expressions such as “wow,” “okay,” “when was that?” “how did you feel about that?” etc. will help a great deal in you attaining your desired end.


As marketers, we tend to get into conversations with an already bended mind. We already have our set ideas. We already have a biased mind towards a certain group of people. Perhaps your next rendezvous is with a school teacher; and you have already premeditated all the questions and answers for the occasion. All throughout the appointment you are conducting yourself as one that knows everything. No one likes to work with Mr. Know-it-All. Be neutral!

In a nutshell, Look, Inquire, Summarize, Take notes, Encourage, and Neutralize, will fully encompass the hearing, understanding, and judgement aspects of the skill of listening. Apply these and watch your backend dashboard. Lastly, for an effective team, share these 6 listening tips to increase sales with those in your organization. Except you mentor those that work with/for you, they won’t know how to attain significantly in your business. Triple your results with mastery of this skill of listening.

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