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About Me

Everyone’s story has a beginning, and everyone’s journey is filled with challenges that must be overcome. Who you are today has nothing to do with who you can decide to become tomorrow. It’s not luck, nor is it magic. But hard work and perseverance. Survival i.e. staying in existence after others have left – is precisely what leads to dramatic wealth. The secret of survival is simply to not give up. Therefore, the secret to financial and personal freedom is to not give up.

I once was dead broke trying to sell supplements to everyone that crossed my path. Long were these days when smiles were alien on my face. I first joined network marketing in a company that had just started. I soared up the ranks to triple my initial investment in commissions in just 5 weeks. I knew I was up to something. Yes, I did shop and make such huge plans for my life. Then it came. There was a scatter bomb started by the leaders themselves. Before we knew it, we were begging them to get things back in order. And not long after several attempts to reharmonize whatever was going on with the top leadership, the doors were closed. I took a picture of the building in which their offices were. Yes. It was so unexpected.

I did join a couple of companies after that. The bite I had taken earlier on made me lust for more. Like many out there, I was lured into deals that were pure scams. I wish I knew better. I have lost some pretty huge sums of money. But I kept on. It’s possible even if it’s not happening at that exact moment.

All changed in one month. One person asked to work with me. Another loved my content online. Some were like others needed to see what was in me. My content was all over a sudden everywhere on internet. I couldn’t talk to all those that were joining me in my company. To be frank, success comes and looks so normal. Yet when you look back you see the miracle. I continue to do frontline recruiting with my primary network marketing company. Also, I work with other affiliate programs that would work for any network marketer already committed to his/her company. These contribute to my monthly residual income. Anyone can have this joy of residual income. Thank you for visiting my blog. I would like to connect with you. You can use any of the contact links on this page. Let’s talk more!

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